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Protect Warcraft Accounts (Req. for admins)

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Replaced by https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/



Now, admins and users can protect their accounts with a password, for admins it's a "must be".
Video tutorial by King right here: 

/w ingamero !confirm your@email.com password

in this example email is player@yahoo.com and password is 123, see 1. see the picture.

1.Protect account: set a password, this is bot password.(in picture is 123)
2.Realm: write here your realm like server.eurobattle.net  or ingame.go.ro (garena is not supported, already have a spoof protection)
3.Realm username: write here your warcraft nick from your realm (example: nick styler_RO registred at server.eurobattle.net)
4.Submit: Click on submit to update settings.

Now when you join in bot, in lobby, in 10 sec type the pass:
!pw password (This command is hidden from others players.)

or you can auto set in gproxy cfg and update default password, BUT IF HAVE GPROXY YOU MUST REPLACE DEFAULT PASSWORD!!!

protectpassword = bot2password

change with your password writed at 1.




Important Notes Guys :
#1 : dont contain any special characters in your password it " might " not work! so better choose it without special characters from the begining.
#2 : make sure your account name in is EXACTLY the same once u registered in eurobattle.net ( example : King.Of.Imba , make sure you type exactly the same(K,O,I are capital letters others small ) exactly in gproxy folder and in the form you fill for the protection and when u type it in wc3 after you go into "Lan".
#3 if you did everything and didnt work , make sure u didnt type a space after the password in gproxy cfg file or space before it , as it counts as a character.

any question go on forum chat.


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when i send the messange , i get error(see screenshot under post)



Edited by Ant

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ingame.go.ro is the realm adress, dinamic IP, but today i made some tests and bot was off

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