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Added lots of supports for Spire. Need testers.  For each Spire equiped, damage, aoe and stun duration is increased :

Kunkka Torrent, ghost ship -- OK
Undying Tombtone -- OK -- need improvement
Bane Fiend Grip -- OK
Lina dragon slave, light strike -- dragon slave broken, skill is not launched, no animation, light strike not work
Prophet ulti -- OK
Enigma ulti, Midnight pulse -- ulti is broken it stopped right after like 0.5s 
Rylai Crystal Nova -- OK
Earth Fissure -- OK
Warlock Golems -- OK
Nerub stun
Dragon knight Breathe Fire
Jakiro Dual Breath, Ice Path and ulti -- OK Dual Breath
Puck Illusory Orb and Waning Rift -- OK Illusory Orb
Ogre Magi Fire blast, Multi Cast (missing) ? -- Fire blast OK
Tinker Lazer -- OK
Sven Storm Hammer -- NOT WORK
Tiny Avalanche (1st)
Omiknight Purification -- OK
Vengeful Magic Missile
Lion Earth Spike, Hex -- OK earth spike
Rhasta Ether Shock, Hex, Mass Serpent Ward -- OK Mass Serpent Ward
Ezalor Illuminate (reduce channel time by 2 in the beginnning and for each spire add range and damage)
Luna Lucent Beam - OK
Mirana Starfall -- OK
Kunkka Torrent -- OK


2nd dev ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Assassinate now follows spell damage amplification rules
Dark Seer ion shell : x2/spire
Undying Tombtone -- Zombie is still too weak, add +50% AS/Spire and spawn speed divide by 2 each spire. Spawn speed 2.3 zombie/s if 6 Spire
Ezalor Illuminate -- infinite channeling time as well as damage. 200 dmg/s at level 4
Enigma ulti -- no longer channeling, work as free disable like Naga ulti
Oblivion Nether Blast : x2/spire, now supports spell amplifiers
Midnight pulse : Damage increase by 150% per pulse. Ex if each pulse enemy lose 12% hp => 12*150% = 18%. This is a percent damage
Phoenix ember : x2/spire
Rocket Flare (landing aoe dmg) now supports spell amplify
Multicast is now available for pick, works only for ogre's skillset right now


Yellow = need tester

Working state as of 28/01/2017


Reminder for each Spire:
- direct dmg skill => x2 (200%)
- continous dmg over time => x2
- percent hp/mp damage => x1.5 (150%)
- increase AOE if possible => x1.5
- increase stun/lock/disable duration by 0.5s each if possible

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