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Improvement ideas

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Make stats STR/AGI/INT more beneficial for heroes 

- STR : boost HP regen, reduce skill cooldown -> most of the case the STR hero role is to tank and use skill to support
- INT : boost magic spell damage and increase spell resistance -> it's impossible to play when Wind one shot another Int with just one Spire
- AGI : gain the effect of critical strike of all time and each 10 agi add 1% of critical strike to the attack (stack with other crit spell)

=> Each point of stat increase the effect of ... by ... %



Survival rule : INT > AGI > STR > INT

- INT stronger than AGI : High spell damage kill low HP
- AGI stronger STR : While STR has high HP, he cannot kill AGI because low damage against strong armor and bigger damage
- STR stronger INT : High HP and regen make the spell become weak

The only effect boosted is the class of hero (str/agi/int hero)



- If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a damage spell, increase base spell damage by 2
- If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a status spell (silence), increase AoE by 3 and duration by 1 for each skill level
- If run out of idea, simply add the spell damage according to the STR or INT if it's a spell of STR or INT hero
- Spire: support more skills
- Furion: remove the arrival teleport effect (2nd) and gain a short invisibility after arriving
- Diffusal blade: gain the ability of removing all kind of buffs, including Refraction
- Manta Style: now double the number of images and images gain damage reduction instead of damage taken
- Assault Cuirass: reduce armor by 100% instead of 80% and increase slow aoe by 10%
- Hood of Defiance: Increase the effect of magic resistance and for the upgraded item increase the damage it can sustain


- The last tower defense still too weak
- Increase re-spawn rate, make a constant time from level 30 and above. The point of imba is to see which side is stronger. Not taking advantage of enemy who take 1min30 to respawn to destroy tree to win.
- Make Tree eyes a different shape, more visible in Scourge, because it makes eyes explodes when searching for it compare to Sentinel (need to make both side balance)
- Able to repick bonus Buff
- More item, upgraded item like in LoD in fountain

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There should be a system in place to remove to objects on the map.

If an dropped item is not picked up within 5 minutes, it should be automatically removed from the map.

This will help with map clutter, and maybe towards the desync of players with tree count.

Not really sure if it will help though. Just an idea.

The balancing of the Eyes of Forest is Beneficial in Scourge Forest as they are easy to see in Sent Bush.

Think we need an Invisible Owl with True Sight instead of the trees options. So a gem is needed to destroy or just cut that tree down.

At least this way it will be fair all across the map.


I agree with FlyingAngel on the Diffusal Blade idea, instead of just purging, it removed refraction completely too. There are only so many charges on it anyways.



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