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Updating to 1.27 version

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Note: you need to download vcredist_arm if your PC use a ARM processor instead of Intel or AMD.

Install both version x86 and x64 to be sure. (download 2 times, can't dl both files at once)


And if your PC is really outdated. This will fix some missing DLL


Error list :

  • The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll (or msvcr140.dll) is missing from your computer => Make sure to install Visual C++ x86 bit, and older version of VC++
  • There was an error patching w3.exe (unable to read memory). Make sure you are using version... => Use the new eurobattle launcher called "xpam.exe"
  • The procedure entry point ... could not be located ... => your windows is not up to date (win 7 pre-SP1), you will have to put UCRT libraries in the same folder as installer/client to be able to run them. http://warden.eurobattle.net/downloads/file/23


Now everything will be launched from the shortcut Eurobattle.net, forget the old launcher and gproxy

  • Make sure to launch using Gproxy Gateway
  • Before launching, go to Gproxy tab and configure sounds (blue=check, white=uncheck)
  • Using OpenGL will probably improve your graphic performance (need check)
  • Make sure that that W3 path folder is correct by clicking on "Change W3 Path" and set to the correct path otherwise you'll have a disconnection problem


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