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6.60 Bug Reports

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there are 2 wisp heroes: actual named IO and the new MAGNOELF who dont have spells added.

about freez, i reported to map maker.

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so I added:

Fixed Roshan availability
Added "check visibility" for Fiery soul visual effects
Fixed some abilities disappearing on morph (Greater bash)
Added locust to Exorcism's spirits
Fixed Dagger and assists iteraction with allied units beind damaged (dagger no longer being disabled)
Fixed illusion rune & TB's illusion skill iteraction with spell immunity
Fixed Incapacitating Bite targeting
Fixed Macropyre fatal error
Fixed various passive spells iteractions with selected hero (Aftershock etc)
Fixed hero Roshan minimap icon missing
Rupture no longer triggers if distance change bigger than 1300
Rupture no longer persists through a real death
Fixed Devour abilities + morph iteraction


I miss somthing from your posts?

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