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Zeus+Bane ult

Zeus Ult + Bane Ult  

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  1. 1. Close Zeus Ult + Bone Ult

    • Close [Закрыть]
    • Do not touch [Не трогать]

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Hello people. I suggest closing Zeus + Bane. Everyone who has played at least once against this stack knows how hard it is to win in this situation. I think this is a bug and needs to be closed. Each game in which this stack is present is 90% won. And it would seem, you can collect Linken Sphere, but here Refresh. Please vote for or against closing this stack.


Здравствуй народ. Я предлагаю закрыть Zeus+Bane. Каждый кто хотя бы раз играл против этого стака, знает как тяжело выиграть в такой ситуации. Я считаю что это баг, и его необходимо закрыть. Каждая игра в которой присутствует этот стак, на 90% выиграна. И казалось бы, можно собрать Linken Sphere, но и тут Refresh. 
Прошу проголосовать за или против закрытия данного стака.


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It's fine.  It's not that good.  Styla if you keep banning good combo's then it's not imba anymore, but just regular dota.


There are about 130 heroes across all 9 taverns? Chances of getting bane + zeus = 12/130 * 12/130 = less than 1% chance of getting bane + zeus.  And then the combo is only good if the usually crap int hero can farm nicely.  It's not effective early game either, plus has a long cool down. There are many better combos than zeus + bane.

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