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I want your LOD İMBA bot on my server

bnet2_server = omgkinq.tk bnet2_serveralias = Kral bnet2_cdkeyroc = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet2_cdkeytft = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet2_username = kullanıcı adı bnet2_password = şifre bnet2_firstchannel = bnet2_rootadmin = bnet2_commandtrigger =! bnet2_holdfriends = 0 bnet2_holdclan = 0 bnet2_publiccommands = 1 bnet2_custom_war3version = 26 bnet2_custom_exeversion = bnet2_custom_exeversionhash = bnet2_custom_passwordhashtype = pvpgn bnet2_custom_pvpgnrealmname = PvPGN Alanı


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