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Мухлиса Уралова

Please Remove Gproxy from garena

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Taniqli boshqaruvga salom!
Bugun men xonadan LOD IMBA ga kirishni xohladim. CyberArena TV Garena gproksi-serversiz imba bilan o'ynay olmadi. Iltimos, garena uchun proksi-serverni olib tashlang. To play here please download our gproxy from www.ingame.ro
Tushunganingiz uchun tashakkur!


Greetings to the distinguished administration!
Today I wanted to go into the game LOD IMBA from the room CyberArena TV Garena could not play the imba without a gproxy. please remove the gproxy for the garena. To play here please download our gproxy from www.ingame.ro
Thank you for understanding!

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