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How to set up warcraft and gproxy to play on INGAME realm. [UPDATED 28 Jul 2018]

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Lets go step by step:


First, you need to have Warcraft 1.26 version, if you don't have then download it from here:  Download Warcraft III 1.26.

You can have both version of the game in PC, 1.26 and 128.x, for INGAME realm you need 1.26. 



1. Create a new account on INGAME realm via webregister here https://ingame.ro/webregister/   

    OR you can play for any 1.26 realm like iccup, rubattle or w3eurobattle.

    You can use your user/password from iCCup, then change the server to:


Note: Gproxy don't work with iccup client. You must close it when use gproxy.



2. Download last version of Gproxy from here: DOWNLOAD

 Extract files and open gproxy.cfg

Change default warcraft 3 installation path with yours :



For example, in  my case is :

D:\Warcraft III\ 

You must change it with yours, like you have it in your PC.



3. Now write your registred username styla and password styla0123 like you 'Created new account' at 1.Screenshot_5.jpg.99a57425828a216ce99b2a2b3a9fada2.jpg

You can use your user/password from iCCup, then change the server to:


4. Now start gproxy.exe,  go to LAN and wait 20 seconds to see the imba game.

In LAN use same username like you registred styla, otherwise you will be disconnected after map is loading.




Info: If you have a router forward port 6325.



  • Now you are safelisted (you can join when lobby is full) and you can't be droped when an admin join in a full lobby.   Admins only.
  • Disconnect protection in case if your network or router is restarted.
  • Auto spoof check when join in lobby and you will recieve curent game/s status.
  • No more MH acusation because is easy to check by admins with !scan name command.


Wisp command: 
You must use /re for reply, not /r



There is a rare issue with gproxy, sometime you can see the grey DROP window in w3 whithout mouse arrow, you cant play. In this case just unplug and plug the network cable. You are back in game.

The scan feature is not 100% accurate.
Added some countryes in forced list: A1
List of forced players: openstats/?gproxy





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