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Admins Rules LOD

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1. Admin has droped at start? Rmk only if players vote, don't kick players!

2. I saw many times when game is full and admins don't start the game and they start to kick weak players. Now if lobby is full and you want to play with your friend(s) who arent in the lobby, you will leave and join with him next game. I say that because are ppl who wait 5-20 min and they are kicked by admins. So, Lobby full >> Start the game!

3. There are a lot of wrong kick's, so, let's make some clear rules like :

 When we can kick a player in lobby (or deny).
 Ok, we can kick downloaders. we can deny/kick a player if he flame last game.

 When we can kick a player in game:
a. when a player is noob and feed: wrong items/skills (this player can be in enemy team too, dont kick noobs only from your team)
b. antigame - this is a complicated situation(is subjective) but with proof (screen/video) is easy to detect.
c. afk -  watch game (not autokick) and hero patrol at fountain, this is a classic antigame....

c2.  But, if team score is like 30-5 for enemies, and you are in team with guys who dont want to ff then you can stay afk.

4. Admins can swap players , BUT score must be balanced and all players agree: difference is not greater than/or equal to 0.20

ex: Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.70 is wrong!

      Sentinel 4.40 Scourge 4.20 is ok!


Punishments for players:

Leaving ( Rage ) = 2 day  
Flaming/Swearing = 2 days( or more !)
Cheats\Hacking = Permanent
Anti-Game = 2 days

Items destroyed ( own or teammate)= 7 days.

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