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Alexey Nikolaev


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Last days I have seen 2 admins kicking the players who kill them for the "mh" reason.. But they always kick someone who kill them.

1st admin: UralovaMuxlisa

2nd admin: ZoirovaHalima

Both of them are noobs in every game and always call mh to anyone who kill them.. I can not understand how do they have admin privileges. This kind of players do not deserve any special rights.

I have a camera.mix file for example, you can check it.. Is the same thing as a command "-cam 12345" in LOD OMG map in omg-stats.. Just changes zoom in game. And yesterday I was kicked and banned for it.. Wtf? It´s name tells anything about this file. But the problem is not this.. I was finally unbanned. But I see this admins still kicking players who are winning and they ruin the game.

Sorry for my english, may be I make some mistakes.. But it is very frustrating to see this shit games ruined by admins.

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