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so, again our friend uses the opportunities of the administrator in his own interests

game -https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=98931

player - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=129021

took leaver iteams without warning

muted player whitout reason

after that he wrote to him showing his arrogance

kicked player who take his mask for 325....mb he don`t understand eglish...but he kicked him...and after kick AGAIN take all his iteams

and the last he leave...like he done in half og game


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again and again the use of administrative rights in their own interests
(probably because the topics about his abuse are simply ignored)

game - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=99862 

player -  sexylilgirlsmmm ( https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=129021 )

After I realized that he can`t win that game

threw the player for no reason

10:27 was kicked by player [sexylilgirlsmmm]

after that he left the game himself
before writing words
do not want to see something interesting

time after time his actions are ignored as well as the topics written a lot and each time he more and more insolent

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Hahahahahah. I hope you thought that was funny too. /lol

The player was afk at fountain AND noob. A lethal combo. Noob + AFK fountain sit = kick.

You are the only player to complain about me. The rest respect and admire my leadership. I am the peoples admin, uncorrupted by the power bestowed upon me.

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and so you was noob afk too....o no you was rat that kicked player

oh no ....you were a rat that wrote a nonsense in the chat and showered like a miserable nonentity ... although you always do so .... it's clear the habit of real life is nobody

I'm surprised why you were not deprived of admin rights for combos

noob+leaver+the arrogant nonentity constantly ignoring the rules in its own interests

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37:01BotPlayer [zaGODofzaWORLD ] was banned by player [Zerith] for the next [2] days.
37:01BotBan reason: abusing /who after being muted after 35m in "LoD IMBA *99" 4*v4 on (01:20:05 AM Thursday 25-October-2018 ) From: ingame | RO"

54:35BotzaGODofzaWORLD was kicked by player [DreamSeeka].

ban without REAL reason   from Zerith ........and kick without REAL reason from DreamSeeka.......i sugest to let only few admins to have ban+kick right dont let them become new Eco


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Румыния karakx
1 д. , 23 ч. , 31 мин. Осталось   
04.02.2019, 01:06
IMBA № 95 
пункт украсть через 4 м в "IMBA # 
02.02.2019, 01:06 поход

Я взял предмет отсталого ребенка, который ластил все мои крипы, чтобы оставить меня в покое на некоторое время, не разрушая, и есть 2 правила, если ты прочитал, что нет никакого правила, и идиот забанил меня после, после этого я говорю ему от мой другой аккаунт, что он получит отчет и он новичок, потому что он забанил меня без причины и забанил мой другой аккаунт, так что вы должны сделать что-то с этим эй, он все равно только уйдет и сделает дерьмо !!! 
, все знают!

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