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Hosting other map

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Update: Unavailable.

How to host other map(s):

Available only for roots, join in chanell /imba and write:


/w ingamero sc

/w ingamero !ah off

/w ingamero !unhost

/w ingamero !load legd103    // this is the config name, but can be other map

/w ingamero !pub imbalod fun

or you can autohost it:

/w ingamero !ah 99 10 imbalod fun

to activate auto host for imba, use again command !ah

!ah <m> <p> <n>         auto host up to <m> games, auto starting when <p> players have joined, with name <n>, leave blank or "off" to disable auto hosting

but first load the map:



/w ingamero !load map

/w ingamero !ah 99 10 imbalod

Note: game name must include "imbalod" and dont write long names.

LE: added config for latest Imba version, so !load mimya17c but idk the modes, i tryed -zmrsp and is not the best, there is a mod not inculded in description - a kind dm and all is random.

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