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Александр Бугаев

ECO admin abuse

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in 80% of the games behaves like a little girl
constantly begins to cry if the game does not work ... and if someone answers it immediately closes the chat to all players ... and in half of the games if something does not work out it just pours
This is not the case if you are a small, resentful girl, use the rights of the administrator and without a reason to close the chat to the players, preventing them from communicating and correcting the actions


at the beginning of the game, closed the chat to all players
closing the opportunity to communicate not only with the clan but also with each other

and so in almost all games
let it go nerve-wracking, and not spoil the game to other players

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one more confirmation
gave a mut to the player
gave mutks to everyone ... at the beginning of the game without a reason
became afk, and then in general he
and so constantly
does not want to play - poured
does not work the game - has showered
Permanently ruin the game without reason and without punishment
Use administrator rights to feed your self-esteem and haughtily this is not the case

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