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Александр Бугаев

karakh excess of admin rights

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when understund that can`t def...simple kick player kentavr without reason and banned him

7:49 was kicked by player [karakx]

aftter that kick another players without reason

8:05 was kicked by player [karakx] 

8:13 was kicked by player [karakx]

in half games he do what he want...muted player,kicked and banned its without any reasons


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replay chat : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1530018934

07:38karakxwe rmk i kick before min 10

07:43karakxand we do other game

07:45BotUnable to kick player [karak]. Found more than one match.

07:45karakx!kick karak

07:49BotKarakhMyWhore was kicked by player [karakx].

08:05BotAyn was kicked by player [karakx].

08:13BotPincelLo17 was kicked by player [karakx].

08:21Both_p1 was kicked by player [karakx].

08:28BotAsTik was kicked by player [karakx].

08:36Botbanana_99 was kicked by player [karakx].

09:12BotPlayer [KarakhMyWhore ] was banned by player [karakx] for the next [2] days.

09:12BotBan reason: after 7m in "LoD IMBA *937" 3*v5 on (07:41:43 AM Monday 25-June-2018 ) Realm: iccup | RU"

09:17Botkarakx has left the game voluntarily.


Anger Management Karakx


was playing yesterday 3 days Join ady_imba 5 sec kick .. karakx !o = openslot or !k = kick 


 protests guilty Karakx /mad

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5vs3 before min 10 he can kick  but if team with less players whona play they can ... still admin can choice  no ageanst rules all ok in the game

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Late post but noone got ban only u noob cause u made a nick with my name to insult me :) stupid cause game before banned ur main cause of abuse what u didnt post 
and before u write anything else post the name of ur banned user so ppl understand it why i did it was something like that karakismywhore is something like thata ( a new user after did a proper ban on hes main zabanmen)

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