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Чтобы избежать отключений от игры, мы рекомендуем использовать наш gproxy. Таким образом вы можете наслаждаться тихой и спокойной игрой, без дисконнектов, которые, к сожалению, происходят из-за несовместимости клиента iccup с чистым патчем Warcraft 1.26b. 
Вы можете скачать gproxy по этой ссылке: https://ingame.ro/files/file/14-gproxy-ingamero/

Используйте тот же Логин и Пароль, который используете в iccup.

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Admins/users commands [updated 11 07 2018]

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Admins list: openstats/?admins2


When ban a player please add the reason: !bl Playerx mh 
 "Playerx" was kicked and banned for "mh"



!os 3.10;  Score check enabled, now the minimum allowed score is 3.10

!nn or !nonew;  New accounts filter enabled! Players who never played can not enter in the lobby, to disable write !os 2.99

!deny name : ban player for curent lobby
!tempban <name> <days> <reason> ex: !tban kileratz 13 flamer - will ban for 13 days
!tban <name> <days> <reason> ex: !tban kileratz 13 flamer - will ban for 13 days
!tb <name> <days> <reason> ex: !tban kileratz 13 flamer - will ban for 13 days

same for ban:
!ban <name> <days> <reason> ex: !tban kileratz 13 flamer - will ban for 13 days

Only admins can pasue/resume game,
pause game : !fpp
resume game: !fpr

Usual commnads:

In lobby:
!o - open slot
!c - close slot
!hold <name> ...        hold a slot for someone
!holds <name> <nr> ...  hold a specified slot for someone


!realm  Usefull to see 1.28 realms. These are: XPAM, Balticum and all Blizzard official realms.


In game commands:
!ping or !p
(ban acces after some time)

Non admin commands:
!commands(will show all commnads like !ff !rdy ! etc...)
!vs or !votestart
!vk or !votekick
!yes or !y
!ping or !p
!cb name
!nolag {you will be droped after more checkings, but this commnad will not reduce the lag}
!wff : see ff status (who give or who dont)

!wrmk : see rmk status (who give or who dont)


Special map command:

  • Some pro's hook you in a bad place? type -unstuck ;)
  • -eb reduce visual effects
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