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Marcell Gannon

Shitload of shit to fix

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Why in the fucks name does a person on a dying spree, I'm talking eg. 2kills-5deaths+ pay 1000g or more to revive? This just increases the imbalance in the teams a shit ton. You can't do jackshit basically, you can't farm lanes and they'll definitely come hunt you in the bush making it a 4v5 game the moment you die more than twice.

Why don't you make the map all bot and 1.28 compatible? Shit annoying to have 10+ disconnects to your name because someone picked slithereen guard for example. This is the only bot/map that does this.

Voodoo definitely needs to be nerfed to work like Nature's wrath, same fucking reasons as point number 1. You start dying as soon as they have a spire (I think it's called)

I'm sure you can tell I'm pissed, because this game was much more "balanced" way back in 6.68ish era. I have more shit that I've seen in this game, but I'm gonna go and play a TvE now. Ban me all you want for this thread as long as the damn info sticks.

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1. Map must be rewrite from 0 for 1.28 patch, not worth it.

2. If you know a map editor who can make it,  that we can try.

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