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Greeting fellow Players...


I would like to just share a tale of how things came to be...


I am one of the few players with over 11000 IMBA games played, along with Ozealat, Archonpaladin, Zerith, MyLifeBeLike. Only 4000 odd on this server.

We been playing IMBA together on twilightgaming.co.za for many years.

MyLifeBeLike and I decided to start fixing issues that were not being sorted out on the map. He taught me a lot about the coding process and how to go about it. I remember my first overpowered skill I sorted out was PowerShot from Windrunner. Because of the double arrows fired, the damage was too excessive. So I halved both arrow damage.

We created spells too. E.g. I named spells like OctoBeam from Wisp.

Then came along ingame.ro

MyLifeBeLike got into a discussion with Styla and work was done together, a calibration if you must.

MyLifeBeLike gave up mainly because of the time it took up to fix bugs and no1 even said Thank you. All we received were conplaints about more bugs.

Styla has done a brilliant job since then. People don't know the stress behind the scenes.

But through all the years of experience. There is a reason why myself and Ozealat say this next comment every game.

'It's just a game, have fun.'

Here is something from me:

IMBA is NOT about winning, it's about having fun every game. It's not balanced and never will be. It's luck of the draw and you have to make best with the combos you are given.

Too many players only care about winning. They have a long way to go to reach our level of understanding.

I hope the above has broadened some players perspectives on IMBA and some history behind it.


Keep well all and have fun.


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