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8 hours ago, styla said:

PS2. I dont ban futak because he vk all the time,all players, but rule_breaker (Ashy) will have a surprise.

Here I have to agree with Styler, other players like gangbang2... He moans after every death, that they map hacking, you get used to how some players just are, you ignore it.

Every player is a person with their own traits. Just put up with it, notoriosnoob and ady_dota and soul_reaver2 are the most annoying players on IMBA, yet we still just let them play.

Soul_reaver2 calls other players names always... so what. I won't lie... I used to get so pissed off with them, now I just don't care about their comments.

Serb and I always greet each other by saying, 'hi mher'... It's our friendly joke.

If you all just accept each other for who they are and how they play, or moan, IMBA would be so much more fun.

Ozealat does have a short temper, but he just !mutes at least, does not just kick. It's sad to see the regular good players trying to get other players to !vk someone.

Picture if that 'someone' was you, how would you feel if they all started to !vk you? - All you want to do is play and have fun, regardless if you are doing well that game or not.

I play for fun, so does Zerith, I would take mines or hook over a cent, drow gay ass combo any day.

So put your childish games behind you and just try 'one' game where you are there for fun, not to get angry at all.

Watch how much more you enjoy the game.

Thank you styler and everyone involved in IMBA, we have all put our bit into the map over time. We do it not just for ourselves, but for all the IMBA players out there.

Appreciate what has been created out of love for all of you. Why do you think my buddy Stefan (mylifebelike) left? He worked his ass off with me on many maps.

No1 says thank you, they just moan and moan about this bug or that bug.

Anyways, enjoy the game friends.


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From your message it is clear you read the log. But if i started posting logs of people that do VK abuse your inbox will be full and there would be no players left on your servers as they would all be banned. but somehow... im special....... and i am the lucky one to be banned and made an example of.... you don't see the number of games that notoriousnoob provokes me... so i reacted one time... and get banned.... so this is you being fair... i don't wanna see what happens when you are not.

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Well said Dream.

@iElite now dont vk anyone or yes to anything unless they are afk / destroy mate items / mh / lag, no matter how dick he is. Yes means agreeing the bad things with the votekicker and is the same is vking.

Ex: when 4 people vk one player not FF, I don't abuse power to kick nor !y the player has the right to play and prove himself. Lot's of time we won like this, when one person doesn't lose hope

It's boring to win a game to increase score without challenge.

Ady_dota call me mh all the time and always blame me for bad things but I dont kick him.

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hello Admin 

nick :  [SYB]Lloth

reson : Hack Enable the display of health bars for friendly, enemy, or both and Vision Maps  Full  and no Clicked 

connect join :  Garena 

test Program : Garena Zodcraft I think You hear

replay http://parser.rankedgaming.com//replay.php?replay=1514901845 

see vision 23 no clicked

Invisible units are still registered by the game engine to be unassailable. Users cannot queue attacks or spells on unavailable invisible units. If the users attempts to do so, it will tell him that he needs a target. If the user attempts to attack using right-click, his hero will move to the ground where the invisible unit was.
Visible unavailable units can be targeted normally, given the right settings. Users can queue attacks and spells on these units.
Remember that while the user can see everything, the hero still behaves as though there is no maphacking. Thus, heroes will still lose attack/spell orders if targets become unavailable (i.e. if they go into areas where there would be fog), and heroes will not attack unavailable units when attack-moving.

It can be difficult to decide if a given reaction is due to hacking. There are cases when it may be quite clear, however. In general, if a an suspect has no legitimate reason to react to the presence of the invisible enemy, then it is likely a hacking suspect.

plesea look teamviewer regedit find ? 

23:31Ady_Imba Plesea teamviewer regedit windows
23:32Ady_Imba now
23:34[SYB]Lloth i will not response you baby ady

P.S.I Admin Responded

Edited by Ady_Imba

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Can somebody please help me? 

When I`m entering and IMBA game, I get autokick. 

And when I create a game with the last map DotA Imba Legends v6.63t8, then the game closes. 

I reinstalled the game and everything but it is still the same.

Can somebody help me, please???

I really what to play Dota Imba and I can`t...Please help ?

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@AndreiRO and  TR  cant make new accounts,  because there are some players who can't play only one account,they really like to f@@k game balance

soon IT too, panbaravo friend is same like karakx or Syb_Loyth

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