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Admins rules

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UPDATE 02.02.2019, see the team diff,  point 4.

1. Admin has droped at start? Rmk only if players vote, the admin left in the game does not have to kick the players!

2. I saw many times when game is full and admins don't start the game and they start to kick weak players. Now if lobby is full and you want to play with your friend(s) who aren't in the lobby, you will leave and join with him next game. I say that because are players who wait 5-20 min and they are kicked by admins.

So, Lobby full >> Start the game!


3. There are a lot of wrong kick's, so, let's make some clear rules like :
 When we can kick a player in lobby (or deny).
 Ok, we can kick downloaders. we can deny/kick a player if he flame last game.

 When we can kick a player in game:
a. when a player is noob and feed: wrong items/skills (this player can be in enemy team too, dont kick noobs only from your team)
b. antigame - this is a complicated situation(is subjective) but with proof (screen/video) is easy to detect.
c. afk -  watch game (not autokick) and hero patrol at fountain, this is a classic antigame....

c2.  But, if team score is like 30-5 for enemies, and you are in team with guys who dont want to ff then you can stay afk.
d. If player spam  or uses inappropriate language.


4. Admins can swap players , BUT score must be balanced and all players agree: difference is not greater than/or equal to 0.20 0.12

ex: Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.88 is wrong!

      Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.89 is ok!


5. Admins/Moderators have the right to !unban only their own bans or AUTOBANS (leavers).

Example, admin Serb.Arhangel banned a player for Afk. Only Serb has the right to unban him. The other admins deal with their own bans.


6. Autobans by disconnect checker can't be deleted.



Punishments for players:

Leaving ( Rage ) = 2 day  
Flaming/Swearing = 2 days( or more !)
Anti-Game = 2 days

Items destroyed ( own or teammate)= 7 days.





King.Of.Imba :

Rules are very nice , but an admin should have ability to withstand all situation and know how to solve without a guide!!
when to kick , when to rmk , when to..etc 

just be fair , u will do the correct thing ;)



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Updates rules

Super admin 

  •                          Can swap players but only if the score are balanced and the max. the difference  must be less than 0.15 !!! , check  it with !balance before start                                                      

                                     ex: Sentinel 4.00 Scourge 3.84 is wrong!

                                           Sentinel 4.40 Scourge 4.25 is ok!

  •                          Can leave the game but don't make from this a habit (maxim 20 games leaves per month)
  •                          Can kick a afk player  (until he is kicked by map) if is on his team .  If the player are in gproxy reconnecting process  he can be kicked too.  
  •                          Can use kick/ban if a player swear, also the admin has to talk civilized like a true admin.
  •                          Can !deny or !ban know players with 1.28.x
  •                          Can kick a player (from his team) who wont !ff if votes are 4/5
  •                          Can !deny a player for current game lobby if in the last game that player was afk/flame.

If an admin broke the rules he will lose right to kick/ban. (like eco )

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whenever teams are if autostart or me !start  teams autobalance before game start so !balance is useles


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35 minutes ago, eco said:

whenever teams are if autostart or me !start  teams autobalance before game start so !balance is useles


Better like this to prevent abuse.

Many new RU or TR play good though. I lose many times from new players

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only 1 bot where admin doing what he want

there is no such stupid attitude to ordinary players anywhere else

no wonder there are no normal players here

only fucken leaver and nabs like eco and sexylilgirlsmmm 

Report on which end the answer 

"- fuck us on ordinary players we are an ordinary gay circle here we exist"


1 leave - baned


1 leave -baned

and a lot of such 


leaving in half of game kicked player and did rmk when understand that can`t win...and decision?

of course answer was @No we wlln`t banning our girlfriend

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LOL.  Do you even bother to read the chat in the game you posted of me?

Putinthegod even said "AFK TIME" in chat before he went AFK fountain sit waiting for the game to be over.


If anyone is banned it should be you for scorehacking. If you want to play in competitive games stop making new accounts to get a low score.

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