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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.26


    You can have both version of the game in PC and for imba map you need 1.26. If other login clients corrupted your w3 files, or you tried hax , or just your game has been installed form long time ago, now you need a fresh copy of Warrcarft III. Warrcarft III English version 1.26 with PVPGN support to connect at INGAME realm and others. Download all 3 parts and move them in in partition C. Extract Warcraft III.zip archive . Warcraft III folder is created. When you extract right click only on Warcraft_III.zip and "Extact here". Do NOT select all archive and extract. Then find and run in Warcraft III folder the registry file named Realms6.reg. Now you added the PVPGN realms. Now run the game from "Start GAME w3l.exe" press Battle.net and connect to default INGAMERO realm.
  2. styla

    Gproxy tutorial

    Download ingame Gproxy This version will scan in warcraft 3 folder for .mix files and report to the bot and ban positive results. Config. and usage:1. Unarchive files2. Open gproxy.cfg and modify the game path with your instalation w3 path : CODE: SELECT ALL war3path = C:\Warcraft III\ atention at \ from the end of line Your account and password regsitred at INGAME realm, here are a LINK with instructions. username = stylerpassword = password123then save modification.3. Run gproxy.exe4. Warcraft 3 will be open, go LAN, and wait 5-30 seconds to see the game name and join, have fun!If you have a router, forward port 6325. Wisp command: You must use /re for reply, not /rAdvantages of gproxy: You can join when game is full (safelisted) Faster time to join in lobby (auto start warctaft 3,and you just press LAN games) Reconnect protection (if you lose connection then you can reconnect back to game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTwMtWNLmA0 ) Checked if you have mh ( no more acusation) Auto spoofcheck Alt tab to the game if started if you aren't in game. You can be warned by an admin if game start with comand !slap: you will hear a wake up sound. Admins can use !scan name command to check suspects players for mh. Notes: the scan feature is not 100% accurate.Added some countryes in forced list: A1List of forced players: openstats/?gproxy
  3. Bfeore updating please make a backup(archieve) of actual your w3 folder. Follow update steps from here: http://eurobattle.net/threads/201665-Server-updated-to-1-27a-installation-instructions-here then, if u have gproxy change in config : war3version = 26 with war3version = 27 LE2:
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