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Found 6 results

  1. SultanovaMohinur

    Perm ban [c5]gan1bal and mega-noob21

    !tban [c5]gan1bal 0 MapHack Detected [c5]gan1bal: large attack 21 kills 13 deaths !tban mega-noob21 0 MapHack Detected Mega-noob21: 1432 attacks
  2. Silentyum OMG

    Ban for feeding all game

    всю иuру в моей команде игрок 4O4N0TFound фармил лес и умирал, когда вражеская команда атаковала наши строения данный игрок не оборонялся, мало того он умер 27 раз и всю игру писал оскорбления в чат. Разве такие игроки не должны быть забанены? На скрине видно что он данный игрок фидил всю игру
  3. Papa_Karlo22


    прошу разбанить играл в Интернет был выбит из игры разбаньте пожалуйста
  4. Мухлиса Уралова

    Perm ban please

    When playing game LOD IMBA Legend 1) zaGODofzaWORLD - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=146974 killing all Level 31 Game - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=104037 2) vbuterin https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=139697 Killing all 7 These two Maphaks zaGODofzaWORLD and vbuterin were cut and started to attack very strongly Screen:
  5. leavers should be not banned , if a player leave im happy he give up i beat him , why ban , should be free game , ban should be just mh , antigame and so on but no leaving . leaving is a free choice of every player , give him that . release the players from the prison " i cant leave cuz i get banned " . no more rage , flaming , wasting time afk or unplug your net connection just simply use your natural right to leave game as a kind of early or unipersonal "FF" . please all who read this leave a comment and a final sugestion for Styla :why not try for a while no ban leaving see how it is . thanks
  6. icon

    ban for no reason

    why is that?