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  1. Serfing

    Perm ban pls

    player https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=193192 from the first minutes of the game https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=95136
  2. Serfing

    Perm ban pls

    Constantly any game - ruining game using bugs ult Bristleback + spam use item Queen Bathrobe getting a lot of stacks Warpath (16k damage) 1) Tegos.ru https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=189528 https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=94430 tegos byu item and use bug and fast push - good game) 2) [omg].rampage https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=210173 any game specially pick ult brits and ruining game... (Cheak game history - any where there is Bristleback) Styla pls fix this bug If you can give them a permanent ban Thank you!
  3. Serfing


    Tried it from another account - same thing, I'm playing with Iccup
  4. Serfing


    Constantly throws from the card, until the card is downloaded - I can go in, but as soon as I download it, I immediately scream, so from today's update, version 1.26