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  1. Blah blah blah. Go cry to mummy.
  2. lol how sad you go around my profile stalking me. Sorry I have got you so raged You don't make the rules peasant, you follow them.
  3. Look at the average stay length, dummy. I leave once the game is beyond over rather than waiting for the whole team to type !ff. ~~REJECTED~~
  4. It's okay, we accept your apology.
  5. That does not look like maphack because you were moving. He ran into your arrow which was aimed away from him. If you were maphack it would have missed him and hit where he was standing and "testing" you. I think he just got angry and rage banned you
  6. LOL. Do you even bother to read the chat in the game you posted of me? Putinthegod even said "AFK TIME" in chat before he went AFK fountain sit waiting for the game to be over. If anyone is banned it should be you for scorehacking. If you want to play in competitive games stop making new accounts to get a low score.
  7. I didn't swap kucza to ensr, totally false. Lieing idiot. I swapped two noobs. 2.99 -> 3.22 .23 difference between the two players, divided by 5 makes alteration of +-0.04 points difference. My swap made only a difference of +-0.04 It was just an error in balancing because the bot couldn't balance the two teams properly and had already given a 0.10 difference.
  8. Yeah you fissure me and then arrow me while I’m hiding in the woods at the secret shop. Easy to see you had no vision of me because you had necro aura. Not personal at all.
  9. BKB aswell and it's very cheap. 1 item and you make a hero useless. lol.
  10. It's not even that good because of long cooldown. Other combos better than zeus + bane off top of my head Ursa+magnus Ursa+alch Drow+alch Drow+SA SA+abaddon SA+tiny SA+cent SA+feast slark+balanar Nevermore+reversepolarity sniper/rangeskill+ursa Tiny+phoenix Cent+tiny/phoenix Greed+necro Necro + trap Necro+mines alch+timelock Slark/magina+DK luna+troll+phoenix Disperse+cent liquidfire+wrath
  11. I have over 2000 games and donate money every month and he doesn't answer my pm's either so good luck to others
  12. It's fine. It's not that good. Styla if you keep banning good combo's then it's not imba anymore, but just regular dota. There are about 130 heroes across all 9 taverns? Chances of getting bane + zeus = 12/130 * 12/130 = less than 1% chance of getting bane + zeus. And then the combo is only good if the usually crap int hero can farm nicely. It's not effective early game either, plus has a long cool down. There are many better combos than zeus + bane.
  13. sexylilgirlsmmm


    lol it become unmuted because the owner of it left but I forgot to take another screenshot
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