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  1. PLZ REMOVE ECO denyin all server from game keeping realm not playable!!!
  2. 3rd time eco kicks all and not let game start!!!! Remove him he just need admin to can leave anyway !!!
  3. He took off autostart and cant play cause of him that should be punished or take that command off him.
  4. I_M_B_A #12 Date: 15.03.2019, 12:33 Duration: 37:17 Maphackin and ppl not willin to kick bara-2018 (26)+10 11 / 7 / 11 1993 / 806 39 / 0 / 123 2 / 1 / 0 20 36:24 has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET)
  5. Posted March 10 Let autobalance decide or we'll remove the swap functionality.. that what u said styla LoD IMBA *452 Date: 05.08.2018, 11:50 Duration: 23:19 Sentinel Winner he did swap ferochrom to hes team and again made a 0.5 diference u said 0.2 alowed and was last warnin as i remember!! SEXYLILGIRLSMMM need swap removed from him. Thanks
  6. Late post but noone got ban only u noob cause u made a nick with my name to insult me stupid cause game before banned ur main cause of abuse what u didnt post and before u write anything else post the name of ur banned user so ppl understand it why i did it was something like that karakismywhore is something like thata ( a new user after did a proper ban on hes main zabanmen)
  7. U think ur funny:)) u are a fuckin dumb pig who dont even need to eat ur that fat, so thats why u had admin before.
  8. Ady imba who speak like a pig and got baned by me for that :)) tellin fuckin noob is not like tellin about your mother :)) second thing all who is antigamer deserv kick and rest who unplug to not get banned worth it too!!! So i dont care about ur post and i dont have time to post howd u speak in romanian about my mother, to show these ppl why u started post about me:)) i banned 2 of your characters for reasons u can tell yourself if u want cause 2 weeks i am too much bussy to search for replays. Second thing if u let noobs to do antigame and get high score make unbalanced games!!! every old player can tell about balances Third thing i banned stealsecrets(was a leaver and wanted ban him and he did a kill and saw hes name) yes and after i saw that he wasnt leaver i unbaned him INGAME didnt need wait to post so u noob kid did a wrong post:)))
  9. U just did a lie:)) if u examine the players score was higher but stats was lower!!!! just explain all the day what u cant:D but u are a joke so even when i am on other team u start swap when is balanced what u never can explain and everyone know why just they dont say nothing cause u are a kid!!!
  10. ^Already explained it 3 times. Read first post for explanation. Stop posting the same game over and over to try make it look like it's a new game. Was first game with admin and didn't know it would autostart without balance. Answer of sexy , he didnt know and now when he know doin same :))) he swap btw the 10 sec cooldown on timer:))) so game starts how he want. wonder how he explain
  12. Serb how u explain he swap each game? and when i say i report i get kick !!!!!!!!!!!
  13. He will say it was first swap and he said hes sorry alredy know what will he tell!!! fuck i am out thanks for read!!
  14. OK so explain next game too and fuck this stupid topic sorry for my brutal language styla hes idiot!!! when i was tellin him that he did unbalanced he said i am noob he think i am idiot and not see and he did everyday like 2 3 swap!!! 04:39Bot Sentinel 3.80 4.53 3.54 3.08 2.99 Avg: 3.59 04:39Bot Scourge 4.49 4.01 2.99 4.94 3.76 Avg: 4.04 imbaLOD 797 Date: 03.03.2018, 18:50 Duration: 27:42 System started loading with 10 players. 00:01karakx for unbalanced start 00:04GayRetard -eb 00:06sexylilgirlsmmm for? 00:06karakx swap 00:10sexylilgirlsmmm lol 00:13karakx and unbalanced start 00:15sexylilgirlsmmm not unbalanced noob 00:16karakx u can start only balanced 00:23karakx was 3.5 4 overall 00:24sexylilgirlsmmm it autobalanced noob 00:27karakx so i will screen 00:29karakx and post 00:32karakx cause u got admin 00:36karakx and think u can do what u want 00:36sexylilgirlsmmm go post 00:37sexylilgirlsmmm noob 00:41karakx u can suck my cock 00:42karakx retard 00:49sexylilgirlsmmm hahahah u mad 00:56sexylilgirlsmmm make better cabinets so u can afford admin 00:56karakx cause u alredy abuse 00:56sexylilgirlsmmm noob 00:58karakx retard 01:05sexylilgirlsmmm anyone have trap 01:07sexylilgirlsmmm for necro 01:09karakx no u will be reported 01:15sexylilgirlsmmm go do it noobie 01:16karakx i screen gamenumber 01:21sexylilgirlsmmm go make cabinet 01:22sexylilgirlsmmm noob 01:32karakx fuck u kid 02:19zapikanka was killed by the creeps or suicided. 02:23karakx 2 noobs in our team 02:28karakx everyone saw the swap 02:30karakx so go eat shit 02:39sexylilgirlsmmm i only swapped u noobie 02:44karakx me with 9? 02:46karakx swap urself 02:50karakx and make ur team 02:53karakx score lowr 02:54karakx not mine 02:57maryusake91 was killed by the creeps or suicided. 03:19karakx mono and zapinka low 03:32karakx u could have them 03:32sexylilgirlsmmm !sd scor 03:32Bot scorpik, Rank: [#18] , -Very good- [4.94] Games: [1146] (Win: 58.3%), Hero KD: [8.5/4.5], Monthly Leaves: [0] 03:33karakx retard 03:43karakx styla 03:46karakx if u here 03:52zapikanka was killed by the creeps or suicided. 03:52karakx tell this retard kid 03:54sexylilgirlsmmm lol go rage noob 03:56karakx to not swap 04:02karakx he did unbalanced game 04:11karakx i dont wanna use my time to posts 04:13karakx but i will 04:21karakx firstday 04:23karakx admin 04:26karakx alredy abuse 04:39maryusake91 !scores 04:39Bot Sentinel 3.80 4.53 3.54 3.08 2.99 Avg: 3.59 04:39Bot Scourge 4.49 4.01 2.99 4.94 3.76 Avg: 4.04
  15. As i said he try explain everything as i said i posted like 5 swaps and everytime explain!!! and dont understand the warnin if can remove swap command it should be done!!!
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