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  1. Hello Styla, BK.Rocket here, I got banned because i left out of Game. I left because my internet Connection was very bad ( lags all 2 sec, average 800 ping). I got marked as high ping player 4 times and game told me i can leave at any time, so i decided to leave because i could play with this connection. I told my team and the other team that in chat so they understand my leave. Please unban me. Greets BK.Rocket
  2. Hello Styler, I was playing a game ca. 2 hours ago, ( lone druid) and after my team and i finished their base i left the game like everyone does. After that i tried to play next game and it says im banned, because i left a game 3 minutes in at 17.00 o clock. I did not leave this game, i never leave games i play this map for more then 3 years know and i know and respect the rules.I hate leaver to be honest. I would like to be unbanned, because i did not leave this game so i did not break any rule. Greetings, BK.Rocket PS: What could be is, my internet connection is pretty bad right now and i was disconnected one game in skill picking phase, maybe this was count as leave. I did not leave on purpouse, i was simply disconnected because my internet is so bad.
  3. Unban me please

    1. styla


      why not an appeal?

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