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Чтобы избежать отключения от игры, мы рекомендуем использовать наш gproxy. Таким образом, вы можете наслаждаться тихой игрой до конца игры, не будучи отключенной из-за клиента входа iccup, который, к сожалению, несовместим с чистым патчем 1.26a. Вы можете скачать его на https://ingame.ro/files/file/14-gproxy-ingamero/ здесь и использовать одного и того же пользователя и пароль от клиента iccup.


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  1. serb.arxangel

    Admin abuse

    Here can you report Admin abuse: BAN...KICK....NOT RESPECTING RULES...FLAME ...........................
  2. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    go to https://ingame.ro/topic/187-admin-abuse/
  3. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    and if you whona unban ask nice not like that ....
  4. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    make unban request .....
  5. serb.arxangel

    destroyed iteams and afk

    i know that but others dont but tnx
  6. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    in unban request i mean write english i see on pic rus i think....and if you dont whona write then w8 2 days to unban
  7. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    do unban request and when you write ...write in english
  8. serb.arxangel

    ECO Admin Abuse

    meteorites will falli on earth .....i agree with ady
  9. serb.arxangel


    go make unban requerst ...
  10. serb.arxangel

    sexylilgirlsmmm kicking players without reason for win

    you mean he whas anti?
  11. serb.arxangel

    sexylilgirlsmmm kicking players without reason for win

    dont kick if you cant kill lose like a man
  12. serb.arxangel

    sexylilgirlsmmm kicking players without reason for win

    this is ageans rules you cant kick all team for no reason....sexy cent no glich all ok with cent just sory for the pick it happends that you get that pick and just mort can kill you....
  13. serb.arxangel

    karakh excess of admin rights

    like i sad unbalanced game before min 10 he can kick if no rmk....end of story
  14. serb.arxangel

    karakh excess of admin rights

    5vs3 before min 10 he can kick but if team with less players whona play they can ... still admin can choice no ageanst rules all ok in the game
  15. serb.arxangel

    leavers not banned = free game

    eco bether dont write not for you
  16. serb.arxangel

    Admins rules

  17. serb.arxangel

    Admins rules

    styler you respect your admin rules or just for fun they are ? i am just interested ?
  18. serb.arxangel

    Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    you know you 2 are anoing ? balanced unblanced ....go play and relax
  19. serb.arxangel

    Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    game balanced not big difference in scoores stop crying karakx lose like a man its just a game
  20. serb.arxangel

    maphack suspect VIN_FRY

    aura you lose hp when inv near you
  21. serb.arxangel

    Please help a Neweb out

    change server its ingame.go.ro
  22. serb.arxangel

    Change map back

  23. serb.arxangel

    Change map back

    Time for voting 7 days....
  24. serb.arxangel

    IMBA rules [updated 07.02.2018]

    yea natural creps spawn block ?
  25. serb.arxangel

    IMBA rules [updated 07.02.2018]

    Blocking spawn (wards mines ....) baned or not ????