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  1. serb.     c0URAGE AGAİN BAN ME BECAUSE OF İ WİNNN   29/122019    18.24   PLS UNBA

  2. there are penalties lose commands kick ...ban and so on ....put print or game link proof and they will get punishment
  3. future? woods or base but the same thing ...if a player destroys items its a ban reson but i give him a warn first next time he destroy ban.....thats how i do it
  4. this is not spaming area.... if you whona discussion do so not spaming pictures....
  5. cece21 unban please

  6. unban please serb


    1. braccesco


      plz unban me. nick: braccesco

  7. They banned me for no reason.help pls..


    can not enter games

    1. ulubeee madaminov

      ulubeee madaminov

      ya ne levnul iz igra prosto ne rabotal klavyature unban plz menyal uje 

  8. https://ingame.ro/files/file/14-gproxy-ingamero/
  9. if scores are ok then he can swap ....
  10. do report and i will see log if you didnt insult or any thing eals i will ban them all ....
  11. plug you internet connection form pc and put back ....and you continue the game
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