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  1. serb.arxangel

    Players abuses.

  2. serb.arxangel

    Players abuses.

    get ingame proxy
  3. serb.arxangel

    swap friends

    if scores are ok then he can swap ....
  4. serb.arxangel

    4 wastes

    y ban....
  5. serb.arxangel

    4 wastes

    do report and i will see log if you didnt insult or any thing eals i will ban them all ....
  6. serb.arxangel

    what are the bugs?

    plug you internet connection form pc and put back ....and you continue the game
  7. don't know what to do!


  8. serb.arxangel

    About new accounts

    we are ther for that ....
  9. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    make unban request
  10. serb.arxangel

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    screen shot and game link and will see wehat we can do
  11. serb.arxangel

    does not work

    change game path to your wc3 folder and change server to ingame.go.ro
  12. serb.arxangel

    does not work

    change game path .... in gproxy.cfg file
  13. serb.arxangel

    help me

    put a \ on the end of the wc3 game path
  14. serb.arxangel

    help me

    send me print of the gpoxy.cfg file to tell you what to change