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  1. In that game Void left the game, but I got banned too. https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=101382 maybe our IP were similar. P.S. I know you will say do appeal. I can't create a post in appeal page. Because in that page my forum acc always logs out.
  2. In that game Void left, but I got banned. Is that possible?
  3. what do you mean in english? P.S. I will not request for unban. I think smth is wrong with autoban, maybe that player had dynamic IP
  4. Styla, what is this? Can you unban me immedietly please. I play only through W3ebnet server. This ban reason is not mine
  5. i cant join to any of them
  6. what is this?
  7. just give other realms ip to test. I'm sure I have this problem because of internet protect
  8. Styla, where can i gat ip adress of realms. I cant connect to ingame realm. If you remember, I told you that in our country most adress blocked. Ithink your ip too((
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