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  1. I wrote them yesterday ... But didn'it work
  2. 2 questions. 1) Where can I find that info?) 2) Why on the forum I didn't see that as usual when you get ban and at the home page u see explanation
  3. Here is the problem. On the Forum I can see any problems with account. I mean I don't see that I am banned. As a result I cann't make appel.
  4. WC3ScrnShot_102019_165244_01.tga
  5. Hi dears! I would like to ask for unban. I was kicked automatically cuz of afk. I should to brought a package from delivery. That's why. Thanks forther und will see in da game! p.s wh1t3_l1f3
  6. This dude needed in BAN. He said that he don't give a f*ck about that and that he you proxy - I think thats bullsh*t. But anyway for making bugs&lags please ban him __Xenon LastReplay.w3g
  7. Stop, if I will buy roots I can f*ck every1 whom I wanna? Rly?
  8. Hi every1 ! Who and why sold admins roots for ECO??? That little girl muted every1 in his team 4 nothing, rly 4 nothing. Or make some rules for these girls or make a hard f*ck 4 them, to stay calm and keep the rights. LastReplay.w3g
  9. What happened? I didn't found any news about that problem.
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