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Чтобы избежать отключений от игры, мы рекомендуем использовать наш gproxy. Таким образом вы можете наслаждаться тихой и спокойной игрой, без дисконнектов, которые, к сожалению, происходят из-за несовместимости клиента iccup с чистым патчем Warcraft 1.26b. 
Вы можете скачать gproxy по этой ссылке: https://ingame.ro/files/file/14-gproxy-ingamero/

Используйте тот же Логин и Пароль, который используете в iccup.


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  1. DreamSeeka

    Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    @styla @flyingangel I don't agree on kicking someone because you don't want them on your team, this server is just admin abuse over and over now. I still play because I love IMBA, but young kids who are given admin are ruining it.
  2. DreamSeeka

    Name of the Game

    Greeting fellow Players... I would like to just share a tale of how things came to be... I am one of the few players with over 11000 IMBA games played, along with Ozealat, Archonpaladin, Zerith, MyLifeBeLike. Only 4000 odd on this server. We been playing IMBA together on twilightgaming.co.za for many years. MyLifeBeLike and I decided to start fixing issues that were not being sorted out on the map. He taught me a lot about the coding process and how to go about it. I remember my first overpowered skill I sorted out was PowerShot from Windrunner. Because of the double arrows fired, the damage was too excessive. So I halved both arrow damage. We created spells too. E.g. I named spells like OctoBeam from Wisp. Then came along ingame.ro MyLifeBeLike got into a discussion with Styla and work was done together, a calibration if you must. MyLifeBeLike gave up mainly because of the time it took up to fix bugs and no1 even said Thank you. All we received were conplaints about more bugs. Styla has done a brilliant job since then. People don't know the stress behind the scenes. But through all the years of experience. There is a reason why myself and Ozealat say this next comment every game. 'It's just a game, have fun.' Here is something from me: IMBA is NOT about winning, it's about having fun every game. It's not balanced and never will be. It's luck of the draw and you have to make best with the combos you are given. Too many players only care about winning. They have a long way to go to reach our level of understanding. I hope the above has broadened some players perspectives on IMBA and some history behind it. Keep well all and have fun. DS
  3. guysThis is directed to Revex/Ingame and the other relevant parties.How do we deal with non-english speaking players who do not understand/seem to understand english and thus what we say and the RULES?All efforts to educate them regarding the rules are thus frustrated and games are ruined(when they break rules etc).Current practice is to kick/ban.Please advise
  4. DreamSeeka

    New Map Change

    We need to make a change regarding Ghosts, they should not be able to attack invisible objects like mines/remote mines, or wards. Invisible heroes are fine. But a Techies build can spend a whole game planting mines, and 1 ghosts ulti can remove all the work he has done, so no point of Techies even playing. @styla
  5. DreamSeeka

    Players abuses.

    Here I have to agree with Styler, other players like gangbang2... He moans after every death, that they map hacking, you get used to how some players just are, you ignore it. Every player is a person with their own traits. Just put up with it, notoriosnoob and ady_dota and soul_reaver2 are the most annoying players on IMBA, yet we still just let them play. Soul_reaver2 calls other players names always... so what. I won't lie... I used to get so pissed off with them, now I just don't care about their comments. Serb and I always greet each other by saying, 'hi mher'... It's our friendly joke. If you all just accept each other for who they are and how they play, or moan, IMBA would be so much more fun. Ozealat does have a short temper, but he just !mutes at least, does not just kick. It's sad to see the regular good players trying to get other players to !vk someone. Picture if that 'someone' was you, how would you feel if they all started to !vk you? - All you want to do is play and have fun, regardless if you are doing well that game or not. I play for fun, so does Zerith, I would take mines or hook over a cent, drow gay combo any day. So put your childish games behind you and just try 'one' game where you are there for fun, not to get angry at all. Watch how much more you enjoy the game. Thank you styler and everyone involved in IMBA, we have all put our bit into the map over time. We do it not just for ourselves, but for all the IMBA players out there. Appreciate what has been created out of love for all of you. Why do you think my buddy Stefan (mylifebelike) left? He worked his off with me on many maps. No1 says thank you, they just moan and moan about this bug or that bug. Anyways, enjoy the game friends. DS
  6. DreamSeeka

    Noob looking for games

  7. DreamSeeka

    6.60 Bug Reports

    Still have green 'eyes of the forest' appearing in scourge bush and around Roshan. Seems to mess up on the edges of scourge. Should centre the line mid river.
  8. DreamSeeka

    Hello,I am Copy

    I work with Cisco Engineers and I help manage an ISP.
  9. DreamSeeka

    Hello,I am Copy

    Are you still looking for someone who knows SSH Tunneling?
  10. DreamSeeka

    Improvement ideas

    There should be a system in place to remove to objects on the map. If an dropped item is not picked up within 5 minutes, it should be automatically removed from the map. This will help with map clutter, and maybe towards the desync of players with tree count. Not really sure if it will help though. Just an idea. The balancing of the Eyes of Forest is Beneficial in Scourge Forest as they are easy to see in Sent Bush. Think we need an Invisible Owl with True Sight instead of the trees options. So a gem is needed to destroy or just cut that tree down. At least this way it will be fair all across the map. I agree with FlyingAngel on the Diffusal Blade idea, instead of just purging, it removed refraction completely too. There are only so many charges on it anyways.
  11. DreamSeeka

    Players abuses.

    [y]TbIPOK will only !rmk if he is losing, if he has a good build and will win, he won't rmk, even if it's 5 on his team and 1 in the other
  12. DreamSeeka

    Return to 1.26 patch

    I would prefer an 'only imba' realm for now, can always add other maps later. Most of us are 'imba' players only.
  13. DreamSeeka

    Return to 1.26 patch

    This is a follow up to Stylers explanation, use his 'realms.reg' file. Register on either of the following Realms: Playground.ru bnet.it-ground.net bnet.kyohk.net If you use it-ground, you will have to first create a new account on battle.net. Verify your email Update your GProxy with the following information Username, Password, Server, Version (see pic) Remove the # tag from the start of the command line of the server you are using. Downgrade Warcraft 3 to version 1.26 if running 1.27 Connect and Play
  14. DreamSeeka

    How to Connect!

    Register on either of the following Realms: Playground.ru bnet.it-ground.net bnet.kyohk.net If you use it-ground, you will have to first create a new account on battle.net. Verify your email Update your GProxy with the following information Username, Password, Server, Version (see pic) Remove the # tag from the start of the command line of the server you are using. Downgrade Warcraft 3 to version 1.26 if running 1.27 Connect and Play
  15. DreamSeeka

    Return to 1.26 patch

    can connect without proxy, then it says, we are marked
  16. DreamSeeka

    Return to 1.26 patch

    It does not work
  17. DreamSeeka

    New picking system.

    Much better, brilliant. We had a system implemented like this a long time ago.
  18. DreamSeeka

    Players abuses.

    Yes, he should have voted himself, or should have just left the game. He broke a rule and continued to abuse it.
  19. DreamSeeka

    Duplicate topic

    There are rules and guide lines that you as a player must follow, as well as I must follow as Admin.
  20. DreamSeeka


    The gay stat boost from the old rosh
  21. DreamSeeka


    The stat boost from the old rosh
  22. DreamSeeka

    Whatsapp group

    +27 76 728 0160
  23. DreamSeeka

    Warm Welcome to New Ingame Site

    My beautiful daughter
  24. Hey all, Just like the map, the site has to have changes, in order not to become monotonous (boring and repetitive). Personally I think the new looks is AWESOME. I'm glad the Styler has not gotten bored of us yet To all the oldies/regulars, glad to see you all still around, to all the new peeps joining... Welcome, we hope you guys enjoy the ingame experience. We all here to have fun! DS
  25. DreamSeeka

    Duplicate topic

    If you had a proper reason to leave, you could of asked an Admin in the game or the players to !vk you. You can't just leave, there are rules and guidelines set in place for reasons. Like angel said, you will have to wait out the duration of the auto ban.