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  1. it is not only about eco but all admins... i only mentioned him as a example and i am ok with letting them leave games but not every game, thats why i said to make it 5 or 10 games a month or so... though talking about eco that will be less than 1 day of leaving games
  2. problem is the leaving i dont want to leave the game... what is purpose of playing if you leave in the first moment you are not winning... you ruin a game for all the other players just because you are a p*ssy... lets all buy admin and leave after 2 minutes so the games will be faster lol, what would be the problem then
  3. hello styler... could you please consider removing the right to leave games without ban for admins or at least making it max 5 leaves/month or something like that ? it keeps ruining games... any time admins start to lose they leave or kick some players and then leave... it is really a game ruining for all the others players admin or non-admin just because they dont want to play a game they are losing in/ have bad combo... for example... just now 3 admins left the game and it is autoRMKed https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=170073 and it could be a pretty draw game... wanted to also find a conversation with eco where he explained to me it is not worth playing a lost game (at like 5 minutes after start and kicking 2 new players) and he (not only him) does it all the time... i am ok with giving this right to admins and i understand but it ruins games for other players if someone leaves/ kicks players without real reason (noobs have to learn to play somehow too... and they have no problem if they are on opposite team)
  4. kovo23

    Perm ban pls

    player Nadolgo did the same last game in https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=94528 BristleBug.w3g
  5. i agree maryusake takes advantage of his admin powers kicking players for being afk 5 seconds etc... example https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=76365
  6. works like a clock now thanks for fast reupload
  7. download stops at 500 MB so it is unusable
  8. kovo23


    doesnt show any active ban for me so maybe it expired...but as i found your account in stats section you have 4 games and you left last 2 games...so that is probably what you were banned for leaving unfinished games
  9. pls unban me i got w3 fatal error same as scorpik https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=72999
  10. we all got banned after w3error so i guess i request unban for everyone in that game... https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=71256 edit : ok somehow we got unbanned after few minutes at least in my cause...so delete the post pls
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