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  1. hello, why is throwing me out of the game here writes port 6112 to me to do

  2. How to play this game if it throws out of the game is not my fault

    1. styla


      install gproxy

  3. do you want answer do not want answer me fuck on your answer say one thing be a man

  4. Why do you give a ban just like that? Fuck the server. I’m not taking a ban 3 times already. I’m taking a man

  5. I want to say something here go on fucking nakhoya me banned this is your server ebany lags with the first correct error then ban let's BE HUMAN

  6. hello, why I was immediately banned 2 times, please do not do it so we play a normal good imbod game and how can the rights to start the game

  7. hello please read my amnesty free me from the ban

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