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  1. Thanks it is all okey now.
  2. Hello Admins and Moderators, Can you unban me please. There was a mistake that KOSM 1998 banned me mistakenly. Thank you. Styla thank you for self-devotion. I hope this server go long nonstop.
  3. Gproxy 4.18 gives this error WMI: 0x80041017 fix please.
  4. Hello guys, Everytime i try to join game, Gproxy auto closes... Anyone has this issue? What to do? any advice? Tnx
  5. Hello Kucza (that banned me) I have banned by kucza2@ingame.go.ro... reason map hack??? Ive never used any mh ever. It is an obvious defamation. It is a joke right? When anyone killed by arrow always alleges map hack... Do not allow this disorderliness please.. I am slandered with this allegations. I am 34 yo and im not a child. I just want to have fun. not more Think....with maphack i think it is not that fun??? Everyone sees everyone... fuck that kind of game. I played 2000 games with my account... It hurts me badly that banned from mh reason that i never used. Please unban me. Thank you
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