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  1. "bulshit lie,of items stealing,i got the replay witch confirm i did not." I believe that its perfectly visible how you steal an item and who is the liar. The replay also show that I tried to ban you for 5 days
  2. There were few unbans in the past, where the banned one was deserving a ban for sure. I bring to your attention a new unban request: https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeal/View/742/ I'm attaching the replay where in 18.10 game time, the user steals an item from a leaver and sells it, all the game time he shows bad manners and later goes afk in order to ruin the game. Before removing the ban, please watch the replay. Thanks! LastReplaySoul.w3g
  3. Thank you very much Styla! Now I am able to login with my original user name.
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