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  1. robocockkk

    Unban request!

    Hey, have a disoute against me. Was banned for 3 days for nothing. Teammate said that i destroyed his items. But as i said, i didnt do that, i put his item under the teammate and pinged like 10 times, he just didnt see it ... then enemies came and destroyed it. It was in the 5th min in our woods. Please check the replay in ban request cuz i cant find it. Thanks!
  2. robocockkk

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    LoD IMBA *150 26:43 PUB 30.11.2018, 15:33 DotA Imba Legends v6.63t6 ing this game
  3. robocockkk

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    Can i know please where can i find game link? Will make some screenshots
  4. robocockkk

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    Banned 30/11/2018 by player (Admin?) . Destroyed items. Atleast didnt destroy items. He provoked me, talked shit every 3 sec. But i didnt answer him. Then he just came to me and started to throw his scout shield under me . Was angry cuz of his moves and destroyed that scout shield. Then he wrote *!Ban robocockkk distoyed Items* Also wanna ask to punish him , thanks. Iccup name: Robocockkk