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  1. Pass1ve

    unban plzz

    why doesn't anybody help?
  2. is the reason for not opening my account
  3. Pass1ve


    un yasağı talep edebilirsiniz otomatik olarak birkaç saniye içinde atılacak
  4. you can request an un ban you will automaticaly kickced in a few secconds
  5. Pass1ve


    Why do you forbid me?
  6. They banned me for no reason.help pls..


    can not enter games

    1. ulubeee madaminov

      ulubeee madaminov

      ya ne levnul iz igra prosto ne rabotal klavyature unban plz menyal uje 

  7. Pass1ve


    Why did you ban me? for no reason
  8. gereksiz ban unban pls
  9. oyundan dustum banlandım.unban acın sucum yokkk
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