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  1. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Hvsa map 961 Balance v2

    Version 961 v2


  2. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Legion TD Mega

    Version 3.6j


    Halloween Map
  3. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Dota 6.85n Easy Mode - Release Candidate 4

    Version v6.85n


    My dear friends, here is the next version of our 6.85n Easy Mode map. It includes only bugfixes: - Windrunner's upgraded ultimate (Focus Fire) can't be abused anymore against heroes with Linken's Sphere - fixed a bug that caused Lycan being unable to summon wolves when Lone Druid is picked / randomed - fixed a bug where Viper / Trax (heroes with walking orbs) could still attack although they were disarmed by Oracle's ability Fate's destiny - fixed a bug with Tombstone that could be killed by plague ward with just 1 hit - fixed a bug with "1 click purchasable items" (e.g. Ring of Basilius, Blademail etc) that were put into an allied courier after buying although it wasn't shared - fixed a bug with the command "-csa" for Scourge players (it only showed the creepstats only for the pink player) - removed the hotkey of Weaver's Geminate in order to prevent interfering it with the hotkey of Swarm (the issue that it becomes clickable is something that Blizzard needs to fix, they have it on their list already) - corrected the prize for the recipe of Maelstroem in its description (600 => 700 and total cost 2700 => 2800) - added "Duration: 20" to the description of Windrunner's Focus Fire - added a proper infotext for -em when you type -gameinfo Also congratulations to the Shadow Fiend tournament winner EmBeR. Since he asked me I added his name to his favourite hero rather than on SF. Thanks to all who reported some of the bugs above: Hoarfrost, Gajtan, Shiranui, anarchy0, Wabble I suggest that you test again the map on the private bot GP01 in an inhouse before we upload it on our main bot. Please pick Dirge in order to test his new "mechanic" Tombstone, I hope it works fine (otherwise I revert it and I try to find another solution for the next map) The map can be downloaded here: Regards Only Bugfixes this time, no balance changes.
  4. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Legion TD hell v3.98c servant quickfix

    Version 3.98c


    Legion TD hell v3.98c with servant gold cap at 450
  5. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Iltimos Unban

    you can unban my account zoirovaziyoda? あなたは私の口座を解散することができます zoirovaziyoda?
  6. Zoirova Ziyoda

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    私は試合中に私の家に個人的な問題を抱えていました。私は非常に典型的ではないものを解決するために一時的にプレイをやめなければなりませんでした。 残念ながら、私はIMBAの規則を知らず、システムの仕組みを知らなかった。 2回目となるIMBAのチャンスを尋ねたいのですが、IMBAを楽しむことができたのは本当に楽しかったからです。これは、ミーティングスタンダードの真剣さのために数時間の楽しい時間を投資する価値のあるプラットフォームを初めて見たためです。 ご迷惑をおかけしましたことをお詫び申し上げます。 ZoirovaZiyoda 私のニックネーム。 ありがとうございます! I had a personal problem in my house during the match and had to stop playing momentarily to solve, something that is very atypical for me. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the IMBA rules and did not know how the system worked. I would like to ask for a second and last chance to play IMBA, because I really enjoyed being banned because I saw for the first time a platform worth investing hours of fun due to its seriousness in meeting standards. I apologize for any inconvenience and I say it will not happen again. ZoirovaZiyoda My nick name. Thanks You!