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    SafeIP is an anonymous surfing program on the Internet that allows you to hide your real ip-address in the network, which will not allow other sites or services to track your activity in the network. The program is very easy to use and does not require special knowledge and skills to manage it. A distinctive feature of this program is that it does not just send all your traffic through a proxy server, but also encrypts it, which completely eliminates the detection of a user. In addition, it can work through public access points to the Internet, for example, you can hide your address even while being in a cafe. Another feature is the ability to independently choose the desired ip-address from the options offered by the program. This feature allows you to access sites or programs where there is a restriction on access to them from certain countries. The only limitation imposed by the program is that it cannot work with torrent clients. This program allows you to get away from the ban ingamero bot