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  1. KOSMS 1998

    Unban request [03.07.2018]

    you must link your account to the account ingame forum, then you will see. https://ingame.ro/Stats/BnetConnections/
  2. KOSMS 1998

    Zeus + Atropos Banned

    we are against only Zeus and bane
  3. KOSMS 1998


    izminiti na server = ingame.go.ro na europebattle umenya toje takoy ya zydyu cherez server = ingame.go.ro
  4. KOSMS 1998

    Zeus+Bane ult

  5. KOSMS 1998

    does not work

    grpahu prosta obnavleno tam tvoy igravoy papku yest novi versyia ustavlayew yewo raz igru ivyo ti v igre
  6. KOSMS 1998

    does not work

    ruski gavarit smojesh ?
  7. KOSMS 1998

    как мне его установить???

    ustanovka qiliwi qiyin joyi yoq oyndi polni versyaini tortin gproxu ustanovka ilin boldi
  8. KOSMS 1998

    как мне его установить???

    oxirgacha gpruxu tortin keyin ustanovka qilin iccap launcher bolmydi oyndi imba versiya bor
  9. KOSMS 1998

    help admins

    why so