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  1. please remove admin serb.arxangel and unban IkramovaAdiba

    serb asshole not unbanned me

  2. Уразбаева Севинч

    Ikramova Adiba unban request

    unban pls IkramovaAdiba, my wc3 crashed Errors: 2018-10-13 13.41.51 Error.dmp 2018-10-13 13.41.51 Error.txt 2018-10-13 13.44.15 Error.dmp 2018-10-13 13.44.15 Error.txt 2018-10-13 13.51.14 Error.dmp 2018-10-13 13.51.14 Error.txt 2018-10-13 13.54.55 Error.dmp 2018-10-13 13.54.55 Error.txt 4 errors my wc3 crashed: Using mod Rusmuxamedova Karina vs Shamsiddinova Ozoda
  3. Уразбаева Севинч

    Admins omgkinq.tk and ingame.ro and ghostplay.de

    OmgKinq: 70cl omgkinq.tk iron_maiden01 omgkinq.tk omgbasabela bnet.weplaes.com eymen bnet.weplaes.com xwork bnet.weplaes.com iforthekinq omgkinq.tk [ra]sexage bnet.weplaes.com cicek_abbas bnet.weplaes.com polatalemdar97 bnet.weplaes.com doflamingo__ bnet.weplaes.com GhostPlay Name Server a!ko- europe.battle.net bard europe.battle.net boxingoctopus europe.battle.net buufuu europe.battle.net buufuutestacc europe.battle.net crazy.girl europe.battle.net danny. europe.battle.net djovanni europe.battle.net ember europe.battle.net envy_us europe.battle.net et.krullbull europe.battle.net girlpower[uc] europe.battle.net hoarfrost europe.battle.net konku europe.battle.net leo. europe.battle.net lethalviper europe.battle.net moally europe.battle.net mr.kent europe.battle.net nameless europe.battle.net oneeyedking europe.battle.net rollstuhlronny europe.battle.net sariyenne[ipl] europe.battle.net secretits[hota] europe.battle.net shagrath europe.battle.net strlker uswest.battle.net trigman(r) europe.battle.net tufu europe.battle.net urokai europe.battle.net ingame.ro: Admin Server goldra1n wc3.theabyss.ru dreamseeka ingame.go.ro zerith ingame.go.ro ozealat ingame.go.ro ninjamon ingame.go.ro _mooncatchannel _ingame.go.ro sexylilgirlsmmm ingame.go.ro serb.arxangel ingame.go.ro eco_ ingame.go.ro_ karakx_ ingame.go.ro_ styla ingame.go.ro flyingangel ingame.go.ro
  4. Уразбаева Севинч

    Unban Request 05.10.2018

    go to unban request https://ingame.ro/topic/167-unban-request-03072018/
  5. iltimos unban sevinch2004

    1. dn170191gaa


      when i unbaned? taktiktiktik  . image.thumb.png.95ce405ff1b2944e9f50976faa803951.png

  6. Уразбаева Севинч

    Ошибки администраторов

    Здесь вы можете сообщить о злоупотреблении администратором: БАН ... КИК .... НЕ ПЛАНИРУЮТ ПРАВИЛА ... СПАМ ..........................
  7. Уразбаева Севинч

    FootMan Server

    Styla Please do not touch the ing account and do not change the password, otherwise you remember how to change the password and I suffered a lot. I want your LOD İMBA bot on server Footman Server bnet6_server = bnet6_serveralias = FT bnet6_cdkeyroc = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet6_cdkeytft = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet6_username = IngIMBALOD bnet6_password = 5062258 bnet6_firstchannel = 52Maktab bnet6_rootadmin = styla sevinch2004 ing bnet6_commandtrigger = ! bnet6_holdfriends = 1 bnet6_holdclan = 1 bnet6_publiccommands = 1 bnet6_custom_war3version = 26 bnet6_custom_exeversion = 1 0 26 1 bnet6_custom_exeversionhash = 194 206 231 242 bnet6_custom_passwordhashtype = pvpgn bnet6_custom_pvpgnrealmname = PvPGN Realm bnet6_bnlsport = 9367 Styla Please make and connect to my server FootMan Server and cancel my ban VipBOT thanks in advance Replace europe