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  1. [marlin23]

    Furion Wrath Bug

    Four games in a row I get furion. I build 3+ karabors (lvl 16+) but i cant kill enemy hero with 200 hp (5-10 enemy creeps around him, no linken no avatar). Just I dont do dmg to the heroes. Think its fkin bug or something. On low lvls its oke, later on Furions Wrath it dead spell.
  2. but we are playing IMBA, and as Sexy say it has long CD, and again you can counter that thing. Cyclone work great agains that shit.. But we all learnd to pick dunno 20-30 spells, and 5-10 items, and we dont build Cyclon who can counter that combo. I dont build that thing, but i get it from creeps, and Its works..
  3. Stupid move, that combo is Imba, but we are playing "IMBA", if you bann this combo, you should bann Zeus + Furion, Axe + Nevermore, Pig + Cent, Tiny + Cent, and so on. That is all imba combos, and my Good, We are playing regular dota not "IMBA DOTA", I say again "IMBA". Sometimes you get IMBA sometimes you got little bit less IMBA. Stop making Regular Dota from this Great thing..
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