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  1. It says "Logon failed". Please read carefully. You must input the correct ID/password of your account, as well as the correct server
  2. flyingangel

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    Put it in config file Will you read the installation tutorial instead of just downloading the gproxy?
  3. flyingangel

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    Config file : gproxy.cfg #1 Change the w3 path if is not the same like in default installation, care at \ from ending of path. war3path = C:\......\Warcraft\ (insert here the correct path with trailing slash \ ) #7 Change only if you join at Offical Blizzard realms: asia.battle.net europe.battle.net useast.battle.net uswest.battle.net # and you must change both set of CD-KeyS below with yours. cdkeyroc = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF cdkeytft = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  4. flyingangel

    Gproxy ingame.ro

    War3 path is wrong. You need to edit config file CD keys must put FFFF...
  5. Then everyone will leave as soon as they don't have Tide, Magnus, Ursa, Traxex, Mortred Better idea : ban for a short time when a player disconnect, doesn't matter the reason, as a punishment for having suck network / unplug
  6. Only for those who learns from mistake. We don't have the time to clean the mess of everyone
  7. Akbar name? Max name? ID ?
  8. If not talking in english, I'll ignore your post...
  9. You let a tank go first (cent, axe, aba, etc..) keep a distance >1200 when he cast magnus. Jump in tree root, tide, ship etc... And it's not anyone's fault if you team has 0 disable, 0 stun and you hope to fight with pure power
  10. Nope. Ulties has cooldown. In the meantime you can push. 1. don't go together 2. push other lane
  11. Let autobalance decide or we'll remove the swap functionality..
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