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  1. Акмал Ахмедов

    what are the bugs?

    the game is on and I have such a window hanging
  2. Акмал Ахмедов


    как видно выше, с ingame вообще не логинится, а в евробатл да, но там они перестали хостить. Проблему я выявил, это провайдер. Захожу с телефона моб, все норм, а с домашнего нет(
  3. Акмал Ахмедов


    Close the topic, problems with my provider
  4. Акмал Ахмедов


    Does not inter the game from the ingamero server, chenge the server to eurobattle, but doesn't see your bot, since you don't host there. What should I do? Yesterdey everything was fine. Не заходит в игру с сервера ingamero, меняю сервер на eurobattle, заходит но не видит ваш бот, так как там вы уже не хостите. Что мне делать? Вчера все было нормально.
  5. Акмал Ахмедов

    Zeus+Bane ult

  6. Акмал Ахмедов

    the game does not start

    Tried changing the server, that's what got worse. and yesterday I played from this server and everything was fine
  7. Акмал Ахмедов

    the game does not start

    Yesterday everything worked fine, I go today, this is the problem. After a few second, window closed. What else for the update? I tried the new download Gpoxy, it still did not help.
  8. Акмал Ахмедов

    I can not join to the game

    Why i cant play with universal GProxy?
  9. Акмал Ахмедов

    I can not join to the game

    Somebody help me?
  10. Акмал Ахмедов

    I can not join to the game

    I can not go into the game, he instantly swears, I did not find my nickname in the list of bans. My nick Debragelon.
  11. Акмал Ахмедов

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    Pls unban me. nick Debragelon