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  1. What rage, what are you talking about?)) it's just a game. anyone can have unforeseen circumstances, he gave control to all players. Please do not write to me, you are very stupid.
  2. Look at the replay of the game, blue gave the player control and went about his business, but he sold everything. Do not write to me, communication with you is not interesting, as a small child...
  3. Sexy, you are very pathetic, like a little girl saw something, you immediately run to tell dad))But I want to disappoint you, a player with 0 16 and who sold all the blue player’s gear is considered a feed. Since you began to write for hypocrisy, then just the opposite, you are a hypocrite. Everyone around knows that you are cunning, mean and still a liar. My words can be confirmed by many, so don't cry a little boy)) And do not provoke a person to rudeness....
  4. It’s not the first time that he has insulted him in my direction, so immediately his intentions! Don't cry baby))
  5. Уже разбанил, не надо так паниковать, и в лс писать, и на форум. Можно просто написать амнистию и ждать решения модератора.
  6. Нет, можете писать заявку и на русском.
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