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  1. Мухлиса Уралова

    NerubianQueen Vs Zombies (Custom Map)

    Comming Soon! New Version 1.07
  2. Мухлиса Уралова

    NerubianQueen Vs Zombies (Custom Map)

    1.06: Английский: Removed: Anti-Cheat WARNING!! In short: ONLY USE WARCRAFT 3 PATCH 1.26! Nerubian Queen Vs Zombies maps from 1.06 and onwards (any future maps) can no longer be played on any patch other than Warcraft 3 patch 1.26. Patches 1.24, 1.28 or above, or anything else, are no longer compatible with Nerubian Queen Vs Zombies. This means that any platforms that use other patches, even official Battle.net, are no longer supported. It is your choice if you wish to play outdated maps just for the sake of an obsolete platform (e.g. Battle.net). Any communities that can prove that they have more than 50 active members and are willing to transfer to RGC can contact me and will receive a completely free room with unlimited administration rights and free hostbots (in either EU, US, or Asia). Everyone else is welcome in the LoD channels on RGC: "LoD" for European & CIS players, "LoD SA" for North and South American players, "LoD" Asia for Asian players, and "Iran LoD" for Iranian players. Any of these channels can be joined by writing e.g. /j lod RGC is the only client that actively supports LoD and DotA, and as such, RGC decided they will stay on patch 1.26. Any clients using patch 1.26 can still play new LoD and DotA maps, any other patch can't and won't in the future. We will let you know if this changes due to blizzard's new patches in the future, but we doubt it will. We ask you to spread this information on your community's website or forum, so there will be no confusion as to why no new LoD/DotA maps work with other patches. We ask you to tell any communities where it's possible to change the WC3 patch to 1.26 to do so. You can use this tool to switch to patch 1.26: http://www.dota-utilities.com/2009/09/warcraft-patch-version-switcher-120-121.html If you have any questions, please ask them here. Regards, ResQ and DracoL1ch (http://legendsofdota.com & http://d1stats.ru) Русский: Удалено: Анти-чит ВНИМАНИЕ!! Короче: ТОЛЬКО ИСПОЛЬЗУЙТЕ WARCRAFT 3 PATCH 1.26! Карты Nerubian Queen Vs Zombies с 1.06 и далее (любые будущие карты) больше не могут воспроизводиться ни на одном патче, кроме патча Warcraft 3 1.26. Патчи 1.24, 1.28 или выше, или что-то еще, больше не совместимы с Nerubian Queen Vs Zombies. Это означает, что любые платформы, которые используют другие патчи, даже официальные Battle.net, больше не поддерживаются. Это ваш выбор, если вы хотите играть устаревшие карты только ради устаревшей платформы (например, Battle.net). Любые сообщества, которые могут доказать, что у них более 50 активных членов и готовы перейти в RGC, могут связаться со мной и получить совершенно бесплатную комнату с неограниченными правами администратора и бесплатными хост-хостами (в ЕС, США или Азии). В LoD-каналы RGC: «LoD» для европейских и стран СНГ, «LoD SA» для игроков из Северной и Южной Америки, «LoD» Asia для азиатских игроков и «Iran LoD» для иранских игроков. Любой из этих каналов может быть соединен посредством записи, например. / j lod RGC является единственным клиентом, который активно поддерживает LoD и DotA, и, как таковые, RGC решила, что они останутся на патче 1.26. Любые клиенты, использующие патч 1.26, могут по-прежнему воспроизводить новые карты LoD и DotA, любой другой патч не может и не будет в будущем. Мы сообщим вам, если это изменится из-за новых патчей метели в будущем, но мы сомневаемся в этом. Мы просим вас распространять эту информацию на веб-сайте или форуме вашего сообщества, поэтому не будет путаницы в том, почему новые карты LoD / DotA не работают с другими патчами. Мы просим вас сообщать всем сообществам, где можно изменить патч WC3 на 1,26 для этого. Вы можете использовать этот инструмент для перехода на патч 1.26: http://www.dota-utilities.com/2009/09/warcraft-patch-version-switcher-120-121.html Если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы, пожалуйста, задайте их здесь. С Уважением, ResQ и DracoL1ch (http://legendsofdota.com и http://d1stats.ru)
  3. Мухлиса Уралова


    when starting game
  4. Мухлиса Уралова

    Please return eurobattle 1.28

    bnet1_server = server.eurobattle.net bnet1_serveralias = XPAM bnet1_cdkeyroc = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet1_cdkeytft = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF bnet1_username = ingamero bnet1_password = pass bnet1_firstchannel = smoke bnet1_rootadmin = SapayevaMuxlisa styla bnet1_commandtrigger =! bnet1_holdfriends = 1 bnet1_holdclan = 1 bnet1_publiccommands = 1 bnet1_custom_war3version = 28 bnet1_custom_exeversion = 0 5 28 1 bnet1_custom_exeversionhash = 198 81 144 76 bnet1_custom_passwordhashtype = pvpgn bnet1_bnlsport = 9367 bnet1_bnlswardencookie = 1 I welcome the distinguished administration Yesterday something happened to the eurobattle server please connect eurobattle thanks for your understanding!
  5. Мухлиса Уралова

    Unban request [updated 21.02.2019]

    Unban pls VlasovaSabina
  6. Мухлиса Уралова

    DotA v6.85i LoD

    Version 6.85i


    ATTENTION! Dota v6.85i LOD RaceSelect does not work in Reign Of Chaos! If you played 23 race cards you need to restart the game. v6.85i Fixed gold abuse with Impetus/Grow Aghanim's + Goblin's Greed, Grow/Impetus Agha can now be dropped without any problems Cold Embrace bonus armor and heal now ends if the selfstun is removed in any way (e.g. False Promise) Fixed Kraken Shell malfunction: now passively reduces attacker's damage, Kraken Shell can now block smashing (physical damage block penetrating) damage Fixed losing control of your hero after Winter's Curse ends Fixed Demonic Purge affecting allies Ancients that don't exist in Dota 2 (Stalkers & Drakonides) can no longer spawn Goblin's Greed base gold bonus from 6/8/10/12 to 4/6/8/10, cap from 12/20/28/36 to 8/16/24/30, streak duration from 30 to 25s, bounty multiplier from 4x to 3x/3.5x/4x/4.5x Skewer now has a castpoint of 0.2 Flamebreak now deals an initial dmg 60/100/140/180 (initial damage was a bug, now feature with a bit lower numbers) Sleight of Fist damage from 20/40/60/80 to 40/60/80/100 Soul Steal (old, on Utility Lobster) Manacost from 45 to 60 Trample no longer stuns, now slows by 75% for 3s, now has a castpoint of 0.2 Fixed many buffs not staying on you after you go invulnerable Fixed Pit of Malice and Poison Touch issues when casted on neutrals Fixed Poison Nova (aghs) going through Supernova and leaving the enemy with 1hp after Supernova ends Removed selection break from Berserker's call, Berserker's Call armor from 40 to 30, CD from 10 to 13 Reincarnation AS/MS slow from 50 to 40%, manacost from 160 to 160/200/240, CD from 240/160/80 to 220/160/100s True Form bonus HP from 300/600/900 to 300/500/700 Fissure now has a 0.2 cast point. Firefly (Bat Rider) base movespeed increased from 290 to 300 Grow! no longer grants any bonus MS to range heroes Fixed Vengeance Aura (negative on enemies) being colored as a positive buff on enemies Forge Spirits + Synergy: now only gives the spirits Alacrity lvl 1 on lvl 3 of Forge Spirits, and Alacrity lvl 2 on level 4 of Forge Spirit Fixed Frozen Sigil slowing twice Bloodrage (new) heal from 19/21/23/25% to 20%, damage increase from 25/30/35/40% to 20/25/30/35% Fire show: melee chance from 30/35/40/45% to 25/30/35/40%, range chance from 15/20/25/30% to 10/15/20/25% Fixed Roshan's buffs having incorrect icons and tooltips Fixed Earth Splitter agha not having any visual for the disarm effect Rearm can no longer be picked with Eclipse unless -RC (rearmcombos) mode is used Rearm can no longer be picked with X-Marks the Spot, Relocate, and Timelapse unless -BO (balance off) mode is used Static Field enemy-aura (the one that triggers when enemies cast spells) reduced to 600 AoE Improved Meat Hook behaviour, it won't drag the enemy further than 1200 distance between 2 chain links (prevents Relocate + Meat Hook into fountain abuse) Blood bath (old) heal reduced by 50% if you're range Fixed Juggernaut, Arc Warden, Spell Steal tooltips Deafening Blast (agha) manacost increased to 250 Bashes and True Strike (MKB, Basher and Abyssal) no longer interact with attack, allowing every other modifier to proc (now works with any orb, buff placer, etc.) Autoselect (illus) will no longer trigger for units which are further than 1000 range from the main hero (especially not Haunt) Fixed issues with damage amplifiers could return way too much damage Fixed Couriers not providing exp on death Added Flaming Lasso and Black Hole to stun list Fixed Chronosphere and invisible units interaction Marksmanship now supports -sp Neutrals no longer sleep at night Improved and fixed item delivery system Fixed Gust affecting Roshan QoP and Visage BAT from 1.5 to 1.6 Zeus STR from 19+2.3 to 19+1.9, AGI From 21+2.4 to 16+1.6 Fire Lord AGI from 20+2.3 to 20+1.9, attack range from 550 to 500 Fixed Winter Wyvern was counted as flying unit (Land Mines) HCL hostbot shortmodes: rm2 = sdd3s6fnfrebulscduabrcffmaah -> sdd3s6fnfrboulscduabrcffmaah If the administrator does not give you the download, you can download at ingame.ro Screen:
  7. hello how to buy the admin and then I can not.

  8. Мухлиса Уралова

    omgkinq.tk Server

  9. Мухлиса Уралова


    me played xpam eurobattle server
  10. Мухлиса Уралова

    omgkinq.tk Server

  11. Мухлиса Уралова

    Admin abuse

    Read the rules of the administrator
  12. Мухлиса Уралова

    Admin abuse

  13. Мухлиса Уралова

    Admin abuse

    when started imba legends 2 leaves mopozkinsp and weedseeka game - https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=112061 player - serb.arxangel ( https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=11606 ) writed in Uzbek language in 39 seconds I was kicked by the player's lager writed yoz !rmk Kicked: 0:39 was kicked by player [serb.arxangel] Screen: 00:00BotVotestart cancelled! 00:01BotMopozkinsp was dropped due to desync. 00:01BotPlayers in game state #2: Mopozkinsp 00:01BotPlayers in game state #1: burizadekanyon, serb.arxangel, DeDMaKaLeY, sardor1612, odambobo, Podfuck_jn, .2.pac, SapayevaMuxlisa 00:01BotWarning! Desync detected! 00:04BotScourge 5.13 2.99 4.54 3.00 2.99 Avg: 3.73 00:04BotSentinel 2.99 4.25 4.23 Avg: 3.82 00:17BotPlayer [serb.arxangel] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 1/7 00:19BotPlayer [burizadekanyon] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 2/7 00:19serb.arxangelfast 00:20BotPlayer [SapayevaMuxlisa] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 3/7 00:23BotPlayer [.2.pac] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 4/7 00:24SapayevaMuxlisayoz !rmk 00:32Botsardor1612 was kicked by player [serb.arxangel]. 00:34BotDeDMaKaLeY was kicked by player [serb.arxangel]. 00:36.2.pacхот� 00:38BotThis game automatic finished in 10 seconds. YOU CAN LEAVE ! 00:38BotThe vote of RMK was completed with SUCCESS. 00:38BotPlayer [Podfuck_jn] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 5/5 00:39BotSapayevaMuxlisa was kicked by player [serb.arxangel]. 00:39Bot10. . . 00:39.2.pacнорм играем 00:39Bot9. . . 00:40Bot8. . . 00:40.2.pac3х3 00:40Bot7. . . 00:41Bot6. . . 00:41Bot.2.pac has left the game voluntarily. 00:41Bot[AUTOBAN: LoD IMBA *156] .2.pac will be banned if he/she has not left within 3 mins of game over time. 00:41Bot5. . . 00:42BotPodfuck_jn has left the game voluntarily. 00:42Bot[AUTOBAN: LoD IMBA *156] Podfuck_jn will be banned if he/she has not left within 3 mins of game over time. 00:42Bot4. . . 00:42Bot3. . . 00:43Botburizadekanyon has left the game voluntarily. 00:43Bot[AUTOBAN: LoD IMBA *156] burizadekanyon will be banned if he/she has not left within 3 mins of game over time. 00:43Bot2. . . 00:43Botserb.arxangel has left the game voluntarily. 00:43Bot1. . . Game Finished
  14. Мухлиса Уралова

    omgkinq.tk Server

    Please write a full configuration of the omqking server 1.26 bnet2_server = omgking.tk bnet2_serveralias = omgking.tk bnet2_cdkeyroc = bnet2_cdkeytft = bnet2_username = bnet2_password = omgking replace with EUROPE
  15. Мухлиса Уралова

    Dota Legends Of Dota

    To run the LOD 6.85O5RGC you only need to run 1.26! Anyone who ingame will be booted will not be excluded from the game. Anyone who plays on other servers XPAM, ICCUP, RUBATTLE, W3EUROPEBATTLE, after the start will be excluded from the game. Для запуска LOD 6.85O5RGC нужно запустить только 1.26! все кто ingame будет загружаться не будут исключены из игры. Все кто играет на других серверах XPAM,ICCUP,RUBATTLE,W3EUROPEBATTLE, после старта будут исключены из игры.