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  1. It's eco, man, It's okay
  2. I just kicked player, because he started to destroy my items. For the future, can I ban this players or what is the correct action in this situation?
  3. Well, my internet is very good, but I am playing from Spain, Canary Islands, and usually I always had a good ping without any lag.. But last weeks I notice some freezes sometimes. It's like if it were "time stop" skill, but the thing is that everyone is moving and I can not do nothing like for 5-10 seconds and then it starts to be ok again. And the thing with no animations for skills is something new.. First I thought that you take them of from the map to avoid lags.. And I am not the only one who don't see them anymore.. But there are players who told me that they see all the animations. Well I don't see animations for lots of skills...
  4. Ah, that's why I was a little bit confused about it. Ok, thanks for your answer
  5. Why do we have 2 different rates of the top players? I mean: 1. https://ingame.ro/openstats/?top&page=1 this one looks correct and real. 2. https://ingame.ro/Stats/TopList/ this one looks wrong and incorrect, I don't get it. Can you explain please? Both have different scores for the players, but both start from the beginning each month.. Well, where is the logic?
  6. The rules are made in order to maintain respect for each other of the players. When you leave from the game you just ruin it. Specially in IMBA you never know when you can change the rule, cause one item you make can change it completely, and sometimes there is a posibility to win even when your main building is almost destroyed. But when you leave, you reduce the chances of winning for your team and you also take off the pleasure of winning for your enemies.. Cause they have to play the rest of the game against creeps and buildings. I had lots of games, when my enemies couldn't win us even when they pushed all the lines.. And once you kill most of them, you can catch them without gold to buyback and push the main building, just pushing one line. But if you leave from the game.. well, anyway, you are noob.. what am I trying to explain you.
  7. Tell this stories to your grandma, leaver. If someone in your team doesn't want to type !ff it doesn't give you a right to leave. Well, here we have eco #2 Nice to meet you (not) p.s. don't worry about it, Styla let you do it. Now just the whole community will know who you really are. I think it's time to ignore you. But if you will kick or feed again, wait for a report. Have (not) a nice day, eco #2
  8. 17 leaves in the last week.. Ladies and gentlemans, (not) glad to present you - eco #2
  9. Guys, check his stats please sexylilgirlsmmm https://ingame.ro/openstats/?u=51936 leaving in each 2-3rd game and still having the conscience for entring the forum.. Shame on you, "admin".
  10. It's okay, we accept you the way you are.
  11. You're right, sorry about that.. There is an expression in Russia: when you talk with an idiot, you become an idiot too. I just forgot about it.
  12. The best meme ever, look: Sexylilgirlsmmm Leaver Best Player: brekbons
  13. IMBA community just don't need admins like you, that's all. The only admin I was worried about before, was eco, because he mostly leaves from each game, even if his team finally win the game. But you are just a good example of this types of admins who will make lower the online on this bot, because if people will start to act like you with admin rights, nobody will play here. You try to escape from justice with stupid jokes, I like to make some jokes too.. but one thing is when you make stupid jokes and you make good acts. But when you're crap in your acts, you are not a type of man that deserves some respect. I am freaking out seeing like fucking noobs like you are having some privelegies or special rights.. I can accept some bustards who talk shit but they are good players.. But you, just peace off man. Crap player + crap admin.. Your stupid jokes will not make a better image of you. You are - rubbish.
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