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  1. Мухлиса, у тебя все читеры, кто тебя убивает, научись играть.
  2. Немного кривовато написано, но хоть что то) Я могу на испанском составить если что)
  3. https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=104525 https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=104258 And there was more..
  4. This admin has stats 2/7.9 and 71% WinRate.. It says anything about..
  5. Last days I have seen 2 admins kicking the players who kill them for the "mh" reason.. But they always kick someone who kill them. 1st admin: UralovaMuxlisa 2nd admin: ZoirovaHalima Both of them are noobs in every game and always call mh to anyone who kill them.. I can not understand how do they have admin privileges. This kind of players do not deserve any special rights. I have a camera.mix file for example, you can check it.. Is the same thing as a command "-cam 12345" in LOD OMG map in omg-stats.. Just changes zoom in game. And yesterday I was kicked and banned for it.. Wtf? It´s name tells anything about this file. But the problem is not this.. I was finally unbanned. But I see this admins still kicking players who are winning and they ruin the game. Sorry for my english, may be I make some mistakes.. But it is very frustrating to see this shit games ruined by admins.
  6. Can you please take off the rights to kick and ban from admin with nickname UralovaMuxlisa

    She just kicked me and another player from the game, just because we was winning her. It is not correct for an adm.

    1. styla


      solved, ty for reporting

    2. Alexey Nikolaev

      Alexey Nikolaev

      Thank you for solving.

  7. Can I get adm paying from my credit card? Because I don´t have PayPal.

    Why I can not use russian wc3?
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