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  1. Podfuck

    Update 4_09 troubles

    I have similar , but even after DL new proxy and update.bat run, the error is same.. after running update manually, gproxy is just deleted. Neither dowloading from ingame helped
  2. Podfuck

    Unban IMBA legends players

    Please unban me = Podfuck_jn in game https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=85394 I had bug with disconnect window. I could not move and neither press that button. no 1 wanted to kick me and after few minutes I was able to disconnect by that button. Thanks in advance Pod
  3. Podfuck

    Unban IMBA legends players

    please unban Podfuck_jn player: https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67687 game: https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=67687 reason for leave: 5 v 2 game in 4 mins. Message said that the game will end in 10 seconds..