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  1. Kick, unfortunately I do not have a screenshot at this time but I can try to explain to you. When the game starts your screen would be centered to the top right of the map. There you would find multiple taverns with random heroes you can pick from for said game. When clicking on a hero, the hero's skill will get displayed, you select a skill by pressing on the "+" sign. In order to complete the picking of skills you are required to pick 3 normal skills and 2 ultimate skills where after you can select the hero model. I hope this helps.
  2. Ady_dota. Could you please give us more information in regards to your complaint as in its current form I have no idea what your complaining about. If I would have to guess it would have been for ozealat leaving but he clearly left after the game finished.
  3. The map in its current state is unplayable. Another bug where people pick 3 skills and 2 ulties and then they cant pick hero at all. And when doing -random they get hero without any spells.
  4. Sometimes when picking 1 spell it tells you that you have to pick a hero now even though you still have 2 spells and a ultimate to pick.
  5. BaroPMea, pilims, GOMOSYATINA69 banned for not voting. Rest of people in game did vote including bloodmoon2. Don't know why you tried to single him/her out. Please in the future be courteous to the other people in the game who are playing fairly and trying.
  6. Banned POCTOB-ON-DOH for banned combo. Was a 3v3 game so as far as I'm concerned that part is fair. No rmk required.
  7. Dugnas if you need to leave for an emergency ask to be kicked by an admin or by votekick. Don't just blatantly leave a game. Unbanned.
  8. Zerith

    Duplicate topic

    Player invasion is not banned on any of the servers
  9. maryusake91 is not banned on any of the servers
  10. As bloodmoon specified above. OP is allowed on melee heroes with morth into range as per stylers rules
  11. Player GCX02D has been banned for 3days.
  12. agreed All bans in here up to date has been enforced for future reference.
  13. You can always make me admin. Im sure both Revex and Dreamseeka would vouch. I know Dreamseeka already recommend me for admin and willing to spend 30min odd a day to check for player abuse and I tend to play odd over when other admins aren't online.
  14. https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=56503 Podfuck_jn continued played after told he was anti and refused to stop playing or to vote. His team also refused to vote kick him.
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