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    1. Ady_Imba


      you cannot user !votestart untii there 6 or more players wrong windownt


  3. Ady_Imba

    ECO Admin Abuse

    serb you're cool
  4. Ady_Imba

    ECO Admin Abuse

    serb you are stupid stories ...I talk a lot
  5. Ady_Imba

    ECO Admin Abuse

    Up ! report eco ugly PRO ADMIN replay : https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=96430 9:10 [All] ECO (Traxex): rats starrt diyen 14:20 [All] ECO (Traxex): dusst my ass 18:52 [All] ECO (Traxex): farm my ass choper 19:01 [All] ECO (Traxex): see4 what items drops 21:32 [All] ECO (Traxex): haha arow my ass 21:08 [All] ECO (Traxex): die rat 21:32 [All] ECO (Traxex): haha arow my ass 26:03 [All] ECO (Traxex): fuk u megacreeps ultra fuk uuu 26:17 [All] ECO (Traxex): suck ursa now biatch 26:29 [All] ECO (Traxex): u all hide vase hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 26:32 [All] ECO (Traxex): rats cheerfully bought admin you speak ugly and leaves game March 2018 leaves 76 April 2018 leaves 136 May 2018 Leaves 107 June 2018 leaves 139 now leaves 4 You are not good ! eco
  6. Ady_Imba

    karakh excess of admin rights

    replay chat : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1530018934 07:38karakxwe rmk i kick before min 10 07:43karakxand we do other game 07:45BotUnable to kick player [karak]. Found more than one match. 07:45karakx!kick karak 07:49BotKarakhMyWhore was kicked by player [karakx]. 08:05BotAyn was kicked by player [karakx]. 08:13BotPincelLo17 was kicked by player [karakx]. 08:21Both_p1 was kicked by player [karakx]. 08:28BotAsTik was kicked by player [karakx]. 08:36Botbanana_99 was kicked by player [karakx]. 09:12BotPlayer [KarakhMyWhore ] was banned by player [karakx] for the next [2] days. 09:12BotBan reason: after 7m in "LoD IMBA *937" 3*v5 on (07:41:43 AM Monday 25-June-2018 ) Realm: iccup | RU" 09:17Botkarakx has left the game voluntarily. Anger Management Karakx was playing yesterday 3 days Join ady_imba 5 sec kick .. karakx !o = openslot or !k = kick protests guilty Karakx
  7. Ady_Imba

    Perm ban pls

    see styla
  8. Ady_Imba

    Map Hacked

    Nick : ShaxxA Replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1529221535
  9. Ady_Imba

    Map Hacked

    Nick : ShaxxA Reson : map hack ingame game : https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=92998 you are not playing map hack 0 - 20 minute OPEN HACK 20 - 52 Minute Find ward kill
  10. Ady_Imba

    Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    Bine încurând succes
  11. Ady_Imba

    leavers not banned = free game

    Noob leaver eco free Kiss
  12. Ady_Imba

    Sexylilgirslmmm admin abuse

    UP ! Karakx Angry Devil https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=89811 02:03karakx stop 02:04karakx go b 02:04karakx idoot 02:16karakx i kick u 02:207HuYSHuuZoMbie smd kid 02:24karakx fuckin retard idiots 02:357HuYSHuuZoMbie i fuce you face 02:40karakx stupid team 02:49karakx 3 fre side https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=89791 25:08karakx y cause of fuckin noobs badpick 25:10Good_TER killed a Sentinel Rax. 25:12karakx cent with cent sk 25:14karakx was top 25:17karakx retard ppl 25:18karakx are retard https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=89754 kill angry ban 2 days stealsecrets guilty karakx etc. Every day I speak ugly and I play angry I've seen look so much replay
  13. Ady_Imba


    it was downloaded for maphack copy mana and happy reg happy like
  14. Ady_Imba


    it was downloaded for maphack copy mana and happy reg happy like